Interrupt, Infiltrate and Takeover Your Online Presence With A Creative Narrative Legacy

Interrupt, Infiltrate and Takeover Your Online Presence With A Creative Narrative Legacy
Wouldn’t it be great to Google your name and up pops up website links and images of yourself first?

Everytime you look up your idea you come up with you are in the running or pretty much own it.

Or at least Disrupt it!

What’s In A Stage or Ring Name, Anyway

Some people come up with ring names or stage names to help promote themselves, or go in a certain direction. It might be your product idea or the name of your company. But first, let us look at Mr or Ms or Mrs.

Maybe you come up with a nickname or want to call yourself Mr. Fantastic or Ms. Splendid.

Of course if you try for Mr. Fantastic you have competition with the leader of the comic book superhero leader of the Fantastic Four.

But you could do a synonym search and find one that does fit. Google it and see if someone else has cornered the market.

I used Mr. Authenticity and attached it to the name  Bob Eager . People told me my strength is authenticity. So I kept saying I’m so authentic. So very authentic. That is what I tell myself over and over again.Say it enough times and it becomes true. Well sort of.

How about another example, Mr. Perfect was not perfect he was just a good wrestler. But many bought it, because he was so good that people understood why he called himself Mr. Perfect. He embodied that need to be a perfect wrestler. If you Google Mr. Perfect guess who pretty much owns it!

If you decide to use your real name hopefully it is not John Smith because you will never takeover that name. Maybe John P Smith might work better , although, it might be time for a clear name change.

Of course having a blog using that name is definitely one way and at the same time owning a website with the domain name will help take it over. But there are other ways..

Now on to your company or product name

First step is making sure your  social media profiles use the name. Do you have your idea on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and or Instagram or at least a couple of platforms?

Put it in your bio and hashtag your idea. Just simple things  that can help Google find it and select it.

What do you want people to know about? Can you describe it in 140 characters? Might be to your benefit to practice.

Where do you live? What part of town ? Is there anyone else around that is offering something similar to what you are offering? If not then time to Capitalize!

Who thought Article writing, Poetry and Literary Journals Would Come in Handy

Write articles under the name or even poetry for literary online journals and always incorporate a bio of yourself and your ideas that you are specifically trying to market.. Imagine an obscure poetry journal from Nova Scotia or near the Bermuda Triangle consider placing your idea in an unlikely journal, magazine or website. For those of us who love the written word, it is a win/win. We get to fulfill our creative side and also market our ideas out there.

There are literary magazines with a high volume of readers and some with very little. Check the journal out and visit its submission guidelines. Or write articles for well known magazines in Educational industry or marketing or other specific area towards your business. Time to improve your credentials. Look up these journals, websites and or magazines to see how long they have been out there for. Make sure they are not fledging or ready to go out into cyberspace obscurity. In other words, make sure they have been around for awhile and have some type of readership or longevity.

Why does it work so well. It is simple!

Who else do you know who is doing these kind of things?

Increase Followers By Finding Emerging Professionals(People Who Aren’t Famous But Seemingly Want to Be)

Whatever field you are in or business there are influencers on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. Find them and learn about them. If you can follow them. A funny thing happens some other people will follow you back no not Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk but their followers. If you came across a Motivational Speaker named Bob Thomas from Ohio (Not a real person I don’t think but just an example) pay attention if he followed and or retweeted you. Follow him back and retweet a couple of times and suddenly a few more will follow you as well.

Look in whatever specific industry and find the influencers. The people who have millions of followers. Remember once again, it is not the influencer you are after it is their devoted  followers. Retweet them often.

Seek it in the platform community  and they will reciprocate it!

Interrupt, Infiltrate, And or Takeover (Give it A Shot)

There are many ways to claim your name or infiltrate or takeover so that you show up more times than anyone else. Or at least others can’t own it either. Online presence chaos is more fun anyway.

Especially, when you show up in many different types of websites or platforms .

So try and  create a Narrative legacy today . You can own it or should try to.

Art is an interruption. Infiltration is marketing. Takeover, in the creative sense,  is the inner drive for you to feel you deserve a piece of it. And then the willingness to  take the proactive initiative to seize the opportunity. They are your ideas! At the end of the day you decide what to use and what to discard.

At least give some of these suggestions a shot!

Your ideas are worth it, aren’t they?
Guest contribution by Edgar Rider, he has published articles on various topics such as growth mindset, time management, substitute teaching, marketing solved, delib logic, and duct tape marketing.