Twitter crashed around the world

Twitter crashed around the world
Twitter users around the world on Friday reported of a total failure, according to the website Downdetector the Twitter platform was down.

Interruptions began at 2:46 pm on Friday, in New York, NY, USA. Most users complaint about the site failure. There are also complaints about the functions of the Twitter mobile app.

The global failure occurred in the social network Twitter and the malfunctions are observed in the USA, Japan, Western Europe, South America, and Russia too.

Problems arose for the desktop site, as well as in apps for the iPhone and Android users.

Twitter crashed around the world, now fixed

Twitter service failure occurred due to "changes in the internal configuration settings," it said in the service message by Twitter.

Additional incident details are not provided yet. After the resumption of the service, the message “miss us?” Appeared in the official tweet:
A global Twitter crash occurred on Thursday evening, July 11th. Users around the globe, including those from the UK, Italy, Spain, USA, and Japan, were not able to access the social network.

However, now the problem has been fixed and Twitter is working fine.