51 Catchy Publishing Blog Names Ideas List

51 Catchy Publishing Blog Names Ideas List

If you are looking to write your own thoughts, write on news updates and give your opinions on every trending topic, you probably have to create a blog that represents this niche. So, to come up with a blog name that truly represents your idea, I have this list of 50+ catchy publishing blog name ideas that will help you a lot.

NOTE: These blog names are for those bloggers who are looking forward to publishing authentic material and not just some random stuff.

Check the list now:

Publishing Blog Names

If ever wondered to have a blog that represents something unique and provides quality content, go start yours with a name from the below list:
  1. The Write Practice
  2. The New Inquiry
  3. The Paris Review
  4. Literary Hub
  5. King's Paragraphs
  6. The Millions
  7. The Creative Penn
  8. Rural Writings
  9. Livewire
  10. Quarter of Writers
  11. Charlie’s Diary
  12. Electric Literature
  13. World Literature Today
  14. Going to Write
  15. Lambda Literary
  16. Author Media
  17. Brittle Paper
  18. Literary Agents Advice
  19. Sensible Blogger
  20. Writing Cooperative
  21. Goins, Writer
  22. Just Another Blog
  23. TechCrunch
  24. Writer’s Digest
  25. Adopted Publishing
  26. Mashable
  27. Full Stop
  28. Nougat of Publishing
  29. Fresh Fiction
  30. The Book Writer
  31. Opal's Thoughts
  32. Live Write Thrive
  33. Literary Arts
  34. Pure Publishing Channel
  35. First Book Blog
  36. Writing for Kids
  37. Lifewire
  38. Table for Two Blog
  39. A Blogger and Some Ideas
  40. Done with Writings
  41. Book Riot
  42. The Literary Saloon
  43. Mango and Blog Posts
  44. Drone of Blogs
  45. Helping Writers Become Authors
  46. The Rumpus
  47. The Write Life
  48. Fiction Notes
  49. Yummy Diaries
  50. Interesting Literature
  51. Cheer and Write

I am sure that this list was helpful to create your own creative and best blog name or brainstorm some realistic ideas for naming your blog.

How to come up with a unique blog name?

Coming up with a blog name is, but when you say a "Unique Blog Name" that's when the problem may get in your way. However, that's also an easy task if you read our guide on how to come up with a blog name idea.

There are a few things you may need to consider:

  • It should be short
  • Memorable
  • No hyphens or numbers
  • Have a TLD
That's how you get a unique blog name that represents your motto.

If you need more help, you have to stay with me as I will be updating this article with more information ASAP.