How To Come Up With A Blog Name in 2024

How to come up with a blog name in 2024?

Probably this is the most precious question a blogger can ask before creating his/her blog and it should be answered in a way that can lead the person who is asking to choose a blog name that can become a brand.

Yes, your blog name should worth a brand-name and the name of your blog should be memorable, interesting, and unique as you might get success in the blogging field and when expanding, your blog name shouldn't be a burden in your way.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name in 2024

If you're already certain of what you want your blog name to be, visit a domain name registration site to secure it. If you're uncertain and need some extra help, here are some of my personal techniques which I use to come up with a blog name that makes sense.

But, before taking you to the exact steps, I would like to make you ready for that and reveal some basics that you should know before naming your blog in 2024.

What Is A Blog Name?

A blog name is not just a domain name, it can be a sub-domain, a sub-path to your main domain and even it can be a Twitter profile.

In simple words, a blog name is a name that represents your blog to the audience you will have and it shows the readers that you are publishing blog posts under that name.

It is made of some words, characters, or even some numbers.

But, professional bloggers recommend not to use numbers in your blog names and make them look nice so that you can have a brandable blog.

What Qualities A Blog Name Should Have?

Coming up with a blog name that can grow your online business can be tricky when you don't know the characteristics of a blog name.

Here are 7 qualities that a blog name should have to be the success of your online career and make your blog stand out from the crowd:
  1. Short
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Easy to spell
  4. Brandable
  5. Descriptive
  6. Without hyphens or numbers
  7. Have a .com extension
I think its enough, I don't have to talk about these blog name characteristics any more as above key-points are enough for you to understand what qualities your blog name should have to stand out.

Let's dive into the real topic.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name?

Amazing, great, best and cool blog names have been already taken.

Yes, that's true and for now, we have to create a strategy for finding an available name that we can register in a .com extension and it should be relevant to our niche.
So, here are the exact steps you can follow to name your blog as easy as possible.

1. Get Inspired by other Blog Names

Getting inspiration is different than copying the exact ideas of others.

Here you can follow the same step of getting inspired by even your competitors and big players in the niche of your blog.

For example, you are going to start a fashion blog, you have picked a niche like footwear or swimwear, what you have to do is find related blogs that are covering the same topic.

Some inspiring fashion blog names:
  • The Budget Fashionista
  • The Sartorialist
  • Go Fug Yourself
  • Sincerely Jules
Now you can have an idea of what kind of names are working great in the industry and how you can utilize the same relevancy of words that are eye-catching in a particular niche.

From the names of those blogs, you can find your own blog name and that's called inspiration.

2. Read Books

Book reading is a good habit and when it comes to finding a creative blog name, this habit can help you easily find and register your name before anyone else does.

I suggest you go to your nearest library or open Amazon or any other book-store website and find some relative books which you can read for free. You don't have to pay for such books when you are reading them just to find a blog name.

There will be hundreds of new names and words in those books, you can utilize them to create an eye-catchy blog name. Just make sure that the name you are going to use for your blog is not already registered or not a trademark to that particular book.

You can also look at the book name titles list in the library and brainstorm to find the best name possible.

3. Use Thesaurus

There is a big chance that the names you found interesting are already taken and you don't want to compromise on the .com extension.

As I said earlier, your blog should have a .com domain extension and for that purpose, we have to change the is a website helping you to find creative lists of words that are grouped in similarity and uses synonyms with antonyms and list them alphabetically so you can easily have a list of names for your blog. This tool will help you bypass the hard research part and show you the best matching words on one page.

4. Free Flowing Words

There are some easy flowing synonyms and free-flowing words that you can use to come up with a blog name that is easy to remember, easy to speak and stuck in the mind of your readers.

The biggest example I can give you for this kind of naming strategy is my own blog, yes "AllBlogThings" is in this category and its an easy flowing blog name that is easy to remember and also stuck in the mind of my readers.

You can do it by choosing your niche and then adding other words to start or end of the name or merge them. For example, BuzzFeed, YouTube, and even the Gmail are easy flowing brand names, you should do the same for your blog name that can become your brand in the near future.

5. Use Blog Name Generators

It's a secret that only bloggers may know, so keep it a secret and use a blog name generator that can help you combine words, do fun with them and generate an outstanding blog name.

But, how to pick a blog name with a blog name generating tool with checking availability of the same domain in .com extension? This question is what I was asking and nobody answered to this.

However, today I have that tool "" yes, this tool will help you to find a name that is available in .com extension and you can further enhance the tool with its filters like languages, character limit and the best filter called Quality.

For crafting a great name you can use more name generating tools listed below:
With these great name generating tools, you can easily find good blog name ideas and then use them to create the blog name that fits your niche and satisfy yourself.

6. Use Google Translate

It may sound off-topic, but its the best way out to get incredible naming suggestions for your blog that will be unique and interesting too.

As most of the words from the English Dictionary have been already registered we should consider checking other languages.

There are many different languages in Google translate and you can use them to translate a few words that are in your mind and then from the translated words, you can pronounce them in the English language (alphabets) which will create a fusion for your blog name.

To me, I prefer Russian and Spanish as I can understand some of the words from these two languages. If you can understand some words from any of the languages other than English, you should try Google translate and bust a name, but make sure your blog name is easy to pronounce.

7. Use Abbreviated Names

You can easily observe that many big brands and companies are using this technique to name themselves and they are also using abbreviations in every marketing material and also for their official websites. Like ESPN and CIA, you can also use abbreviations to come up with a blog name.

For example, if your blog name is Things You May Love in Fashion the abbreviation for this will be TYMLF or TYMLIF.

Now the choice is yours, whether you like TYMLF or TYMLIF. According to my recommendation and experience, the 2nd one (TymLif) is perfect for making a brandable blog name.

8. Replace The Order

You might have many blog names by following the above steps, but there will be still a problem that is how much of them really available in a .com extension and which one is your favorite.

To solve this problem, you can play with words and change orders of them, replace them from end to start and from start to end. This can help you easily find a great name that is available to register.

In this regard, if you are not happy with your own shuffles and want to have unlimited ideas then you can use a tool like which will help you to attach other words to your main word and also check whether the domain is available or not.

It will help you add suffixes, prefixes, and phonemes to your main names and generate unlimited domain name ideas for your blog name.

9. Use Your Own Name

You may have heard this from various bloggers and every content marketer that using your own name as a blog name will help you establish your online career faster and make yourself a brand.

However, this is not like that, you should use your own name for a blog which is relative to your interest and expertise and that interest should be a general overview of your life and experiences or your business.

Many professional bloggers like Jeff Bullas and Neil Patel are using the same strategy of having a blog on own name to make your own self a brand. They are really making it harder for any other same-name person to have a presence in the online world.

You can do it if it suits you as it works when no other technique does.

10. Unrelated Words

This is what Google is doing with Android updates and its search engine algorithms. You can do the same thing to make your blog name extraordinary.

For example, Apple is a technology company but the name represents a fruit. Still, they are different from all other competitive companies and people recognize Apple more than other companies.

This will work like a champ and help you to not use your own name when you are not happy with that and don't have any other choice.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name (Infographic)

How To Come Up With A Blog Name (Infographic)

We created and designed this infographic to help you easily understand how to come up with a blog name and do it beautifully. You can print or share this infographic and make sure you do it by giving proper credit to us.

Things to check before choosing a blog name:

There are some basic things you should check before choosing a final name and while you are going to finalize your blog name, you should take some precautions and stay safe in any kind of setback, so it will help you make your blog a brand in an easy way possible.

1. The Possibilities and Limits

This is the main thing that you should consider before registering a blog name, as when you have a limit on your possibilities, you can't make your blog a brand.

For a blog the possibility means that you should be able to change or add more categories as topics for blog post publishing, your blog should not have a limit of publishing about only one topic.

The limit for a blog means that you may have chosen a micro-niche and for that, you can't publish more than 50 articles to cover all the relative topics.

So, do your best to be in a niche and when needed, your blog name should allow you to jump to other categories as blog names like Backlinko (Brian Dean's blog) will not suitable for publishing health tips or fashion trends related articles.

2. Trade Marks and Copyrights

Considering the fact that some of the names will be trademarks of other companies or may heart the copyrights some brands will have to the name you are considering for your blog.

So, be sure that your selected blog name is not in the list of copyrighted or trademarked names. As some of the newbie bloggers love to register domain names with having big brand names in that like TheGoogleOfFashion, FacebookWall, and some related names.

I recommend you to totally avoid such names and generate more unique names that can help you build your own brand rather than helping others and ruining your hard work.

After reading this you may ask that "What should my blog name be?" and for that, I have an answer: Your blog name should be as unique as possible and it should be a new name.

So do your best and follow the above-mentioned steps to come up with a blog name that is unique, new and interesting.

How to come up with a blog name FAQs:

Here are the most common questions people ask (frequently asked questions) and the answers from my personal experience so that you will never get bored when brainstorming a unique blog name.

How do I find a blog name?

Finding a good blog name can be tricky and techy work for those who are doing it for the very first time. However, professional bloggers can do it much easier. Here are some tips to help you easily brainstorm a blog name that people will love:
  • Use trending words
  • Add a word related to your blogging niche
  • Try to get inspired by your competitor's naming strategy
  • Ask your friends to suggest a name for your blog
  • Don't go out of the grammar words
  • Have .com domain extension
And don't forget to include your blog name in the logo, so that your blog name will become memorable and catchy.

How do I name my travel blog?

In the first run I would suggest you read our list of tourism blog names and then use the below tips:
  • Add your name like "John Travels" or "Backback of Luna"
  • Use travel tools in your name like "Visiting World with My Camera" or "Tour of UAE on Bike"
  • Get inspired by other travel blogs and copy their names (add your salt to them)
Naming a travel blog is not that hard as you may be thinking like. So go ahead and brainstorm a little bit more.

How do I choose a blog address?

There's not a real framework that you can utilize to choose a blog address or a blog name. Since there are thousands of blogs already registered on various blogging platforms and with almost every domain name extension. You have to think in a unique way and work differently for every new blog address.

I recommend you to start with free blogging platforms and check whether your blog address is available on those platforms or not, and also check if social media usernames are not registered for that address. After that check, if the .com, .net or .org domain name extension is available to register or not. That's how you can actually choose a unique and worthy blog name.

How do I pick a good blog name?

After having a list of some blog names, it will not be an easy task to pick a perfect name that you can create a blog on and get started with your blogging journey. To do it easily, I have these tips for you:
  1. Ask your friends
  2. Do some keyword research
  3. Check whether relative names are registered or not
  4. Avoid numbers and special character names
  5. Pick a short and memorable name
Don't forget to pick a name that is catchy and easy to spell. When you do keyword research, you tend to find relative keywords to your blog name so that you can have pillar articles on those keywords and make sure you choose the name with the highest numbers of searches per relative keyword.

When you check whether relative names are registered or not, if there are some blogs (even just one) with a really big audience and a lot of content, avoid that name. Because it will create huge competition for you.

So, this was my guide to you about how you can come with a perfect blog name and get ready to make that blog your own brand.

If you liked this guide then please share and comment so I will get a boost for creating more quality content for you.

You can read my blog names list and find more ideas.