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10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android in 2020

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10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android in 2020
Taking a photo is saving an important part of our life that we can cherish later.

You can improve color contrast, sharpness, and blur images with the help of a photo editor. Filters make your picture look extraordinary.

The basic purpose of a photo editor is to convert a raw image into a beautiful one.

You can do different things like change background, add a filter, add texts, crop photos, increase the brightness, etc with the help of amazing features offered by photo editing applications.

10 Best Photo Editing Apps  For Android

Some amazing photo editing apps for Android  are as under:
  1. PicsArt
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express
  3. Fotor Photo Editor
  4. Snapseed
  5. Airbrush
  6. Photo Lab
  7. Photo Editor Pro (by Dreams Room)
  8. Photo Editor (by Coocent)
  9. Photo Editor Pro (by Gamma Play)
  10. Photo Editor Pro (by Zentertain)
Almost all of these photo editing apps are wonderful and best for every user. However, for helping you understand your needs, I have written more in-depth information about these apps right below. So check that out too:

1. PicsArt

best photo editor app for android
It is one of the best photo editing apps that has all the functions from basic filters to professional photography editing.

It has over 600 million users. It has different effects, editing tools, double exposures, blended photos, collage maker and stickers. It has a camera and an enormous amount of font options so you can write a text in any style, color and create memes. It has a lot of frames, backgrounds, borders, call-outs, and stickers.

You can smoothly edit your picture with the help of customizable brushes. You can share your edited pictures with the PicsArt community and can get inspiration from other users.

An ad-free version of the app is available on premium.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

free pics editing apps
With over 100 million users, I rank it as one of the topmost photo editing app for Android.

You can convert your rough pictures into a masterpiece with the help of this amazing app. You can make quick fixes, add borders or frames, enhance color, add a filter, change backgrounds, etc.

Its UI is very elegant and easy to use. It has the text editing option so you can add any quote, watermark, or logo. It also offers the option to save and share.

You can share your edited pictures on your WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

3. Fotor Photo Editor

photo editor app for android
It is the best photo editing app even for the individuals who are not experts at editing photos.

It has a simple interface and a smooth process of editing. You can use color correction function with the help of a slider.

Fotor is the perfect photo editing app from professionals to ordinary individuals who want to get some amazing result with minimum effort and knowledge of photoshop.

It offers 100+ photo effects, portrait change, collage templates, stickers, etc. You can create stunning images using Fotor photo editing app for Android.

4. Snapseed

google photo editing app for android
Snapseed is a professional photo editing app for Android.

It provides twenty-nine tools and filters such as healing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective, etc. Snapseed enables you to edit photos proficiently by offering a wide range of editing options such as adjusting curves, crop, adding a vignette, and tune image. It has a selective retouch exposure, brightness, and warmth for the excellent photo editing.

Snapseed is full of amazing filters and photo editing tools for color contrast and professional editing.  You can adjust your favorite filter with the help of filter intensity.

Once you get started with Snapseed it is easy to edit photos with a few clicks here and there.

5. Airbrush

amazing photo editor app for android os
This app provides retouch tools and filters. Airbrush has over 10 million users.

It is a very famous photo editing app among Android users. It is also a blessing for professional photographers. This  Android application is full of many interesting features like blemishes removed, teeth whitening, blur, slim options, etc.

You can share your edited picture on any social media app like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is easy to use and produces incredible results.

The “magic” feature automatically corrects the blemishes and pimples, and you can look flawless in a few clicks.

6. Photo Lab Pictures Editor

photo editing app for android
Having over 100 million users, Photo Lab is a popular photo editing app among Android users.

It has a selfie camera, makeup effects, beauty effects, and photoshop features. It has a vast collection of filters, frames, funny photo effects, and collage ideas.

You can turn any of your friend’s photos into some pilot or horrible monster with the help of face photo montage. It is a fantastic photo editor that helps you to apply makeup, change eye color, and hair color.

You can share these pictures with your friends on any social app. You can also share your fun experiences and flaunt your skills at editing photos with little experience at photoshop. You can access advanced features and new filters in the premium version.

7. Photo Editor Pro (by Dreams Room)

This photo editing app has many amazing effects and filters.

You can create a special photo with the help of image processing functions. It provides fifteen kinds of effects such as Clyde, dean, sage, lucky and so on. You can rotate, cut, and adjust your image. You can also import pictures from your gallery or take a selfie from the camera.

After editing your photos, you can share your favorite social applications.

8. Photo Editor (by Coocent)

This photo editing app has many interesting effects and filters.

You can create extraordinary photos with the help of image processing functions and simple operation. The main features include a one-tap auto-enhance Fun sticker, Painting, etc. The photo editor is a standout amongst other photo editing tools for brisk, simple, and incredible editing on cell phones.

The Android application gives a specific quality and a wide scope of photo effects to your pictures. You can use your creative mind to create a masterpiece.

9. Photo Editor (by Gamma Play)

This photo editor is one of the best photos editing software with amazing filters, effects, frames and much more.

It is simple and fun to use. You can select photos from your gallery or take a selfie from your camera edit photos and share with your family and friends on social media.

You can adjust color, lighting, and sharpness in one click. It also a variety of frames, stickers, and overlays.

10. Photo Editor Pro (by Zentertain)

Photo Editor Pro (by Zentertain) offers amazing effects and filters.

The photo collage feature helps you combine multiple photos with various frame patterns. After finishing the editing, you can share it with the social network.

You can apply different effects and stickers to your photo. It is not ad-free.


There are tons of photo editing apps for Android available on Google Play.

This is my list of Top 10 best photo editing apps for Android in 2020.

Which one do you like the most?
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