Everything You Need To Know About Cisco Meraki

Everything You Need To Know About Cisco Meraki
Meraki is a cloud-managed IT company founded by Sanjit Biswas, John Bicket and Hans Robertson back in 2006 and was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2012. Now, Cisco Meraki offers many solutions like switching security and security cameras, wireless devices and other enterprise mobility management services. There most trusted products are Wireless LAN, Meraki Insight, Smart Cameras, Endpoint Management a few others.

Cisco Meraki is not just offering its products, but also the business and technology solutions to their clients. From Education departments to Health and Government sectors, they are providing high-class solutions and all of their clients are happy and returning clients.

They are really making a mark in the IT industry and in Pakistan, many private companies are adopting Cisco Meraki's solutions to sky-rocket their business.

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Things you need to know about Cisco Meraki

In a developing country like Pakistan, people tend to know about IT solutions and for that, they read online guides, that's why we are here to help startups in Pakistan know about cisco services.

Here are some insights about Cisco's product Meraki.

What does Cisco Meraki do

It is an IT solution-based services provider that allows companies and organizations to manage their mobile devices, computers and also ensure the security with high-end security cameras and also its high-density WiFi is one of the best solutions for any business.

Is Cisco Meraki a Router

No, not just a router, Cisco Meraki is cloud-managed IT solutions company which provides solutions for security cameras, wireless networks and also gives you more control over your devices with iOS, Android or other operating system installed devices.

Is Cisco Meraki a Firewall

As Cisco Meraki offers various products and solutions to companies worldwide, they are also offering a Next-Generation Firewall for all the wireless access points and security products. However, we can't call Cisco Meraki a firewall, since its a full digital solutions provider and not just a firewall service.

How does Cisco Meraki work

Simply, by connecting your devices to Cisco Meraki's cloud services via SSL and it works with your local network. After that, you will be provided with a dashboard to manage your devices and check other things for which you deployed Meraki's solutions.

Cisco Meraki Price in Pakistan

It's not possible to share the exact price of Cisco Meraki products in Pakistan as its an international company, their prices go down and up according to the dollar rates. However, all of their products are in five-digit price in Pakistani rupee and some of the products are even in the 6-figure price range.

So, if you want to inquire about the real price of Cisco Meraki products like Routers, Switches, Wireless LAN Controllers, Industrial Routers and all kind of other cloud-managed solutions in Pakistan, you should contact an authorized partner like Dhedhi Enterprise.

Why take control of all devices in your office?

Living in a digital world, we should always keep in mind that our employees are working or not, whether they have the facilities they need to grow or not and understand what could be improved.

All of these things matter and matters a lot when it comes to growing a small business into an international organization or a multi-national company which can generate millions in revenue every year. To do it, you need to understand the need for a digital networking solution and that's when Cisco Meraki comes in hands.

They are providing top-notch networking, security and other cloud-based services that every business can use and sky-rocket the revenues.