Why Your Business Needs a Regularly Updated Blog?

Why Your Business Needs a Regularly Updated Blog?
Your high school English teacher was right. Writing is the most essential skill you learn in school.

Now that you are a business owner, you probably write every day. You respond to emails, comment on social media posts, and write a regular blog for your business's webpage.


What do you mean that you don't add content to your website periodically?

Sorry to have to be the one to break this to you, but adding content to your business's website is one way to grow organic traffic. This means that Google will rank your page higher if your site has quality content that is updated periodically.

So whether you write your business's blog or hire a white label digital marketing firm to do it for you, it needs to get done.

Here are the reasons you need a blog.

It's All About Your Ranking

This article could be relatively short.

You need to add content to your website to increase your Google ranking. When was the last time you clicked on the eighth page of a Google search? Few people do.

Become an Expert in Your Industry

Millennials do not trust traditional forms of advertising. Instead, they make purchasing decisions based on the advice of expert peers.

Become one of those experts by blogging about your industry. The more authentic your content sounds, the better. Give thoughtful opinions over products and services. Write testimonials for products or services that are important to you.

Content is still king. If you can connect with your audience as an authentic expert, you will gain a following.

Blogging Shows You Have a Heart

Millennials are also drawn to businesses that have a social conscious.

They are willing to pay more for a product if they know that part of the proceeds will go to a cause they think is essential.

Hopefully, your business already has a philanthropic mission. Write about your mission in your blog.

Link your philanthropy's website to yours and ask them to do the same.

Teach Your Customers Through Your Blog

How much of your time is spent talking to your customers about your products or services?

You will probably enjoy this interaction. And, your customers can arrive at your business fully informed if they were able to read about your business’s offerings before they come.

Not only will your customers be more educated regarding your business, but they will also be able to ask more intelligent questions as well. Think about how much of a time saver this will be. Not everyone feels comfortable behind a computer keyboard.

If you are uncomfortable putting your thoughts into words, jot down some keywords or phrases, or write a quick outline. Give those preliminary ideas to a professional writer.

You could also seek the services of a digital marketing company.

Learn how to increase your Google ranking by either PPC or SEO marketing strategies.