10 Ways To Get More TikTok Followers

Let me show you "how to get your first 100K followers on TikTok app".
10 Ways To Get More TikTok Followers
Increasing TikTok followers is not that hard, people here and there are increasing their followers in thousands on a per-day basis. All of them do a couple of things that you can simply do and let the TikTokers become your fans.

There are some fake services that will misguide you to claim some  Free TikTok Views or Free Fans and Likes and also some of the fake services are even making you fool by showing that you can get free Followers on TikTok app. That's totally a fake tactic, all you have to do to actually increasing your followers is what we are recommending here on this page.

So, if you are for real and you want to be a TikTok star, get a Popular Creator title or a Crown on your profile, then follow these 10 simple steps and don't forget to read tiktok statistics too.

10 Ways To Get More TikTok Followers

  1. Create An Attractive Profile
  2. Add Trending Hashtags
  3. Make Your Own Original Videos
  4. Use Sound-tracks Properly
  5. Upload HD Videos
  6. Engage With Your Followers
  7. Leverage Other Social Media Networks
  8. Do Collaborations with Other Stars
  9. Do Cross Promotions
  10. Be Active On The Platform
This was to tell you the exact steps of getting free tiktok fans in a short version, now if you want a long-term and consistent fan following on TikTok, read the steps in more details:

1. Profile Creation on TikTok

Just install the TikTok app on your smartphone (android or iOS) and signup using your phone number, email or a social network like Facebook.

It will fetch your data and you will be able to change your profile picture, add a bio or description for your profile and that's all.

You are all set to be a star on TikTok app.

But, if you do it in a little professional way, you can really make it huge, just add your YouTube and Instagram account on your profile, upload a high-quality profile picture in which you are looking too good.

One important thing, claim your username on TikTok app and try to claim a username that can be attractive and same as your name.

2. Follow Trends on TikTok

When you are going to upload your first video on TikTok, don't just pick the mobile and shoot a video, try to be more creative.

You should learn how tiktok works and click on that discover button in TikTok app, find the trends and look at descriptions of viral videos. What kind of hashtags they are using?

Copy that hashtags and now pick a viral sound-track from that viral videos, make your own extra-ordinary video and add those copied hashtags in the description.

Don't forget to follow top trends in TikTok for your next videos, as this is the only way can have a chance of getting your videos to go viral.

3. Create Original Content on TikTok

As tiktok is a new platform, some of the new users think that they can fool algorithms of this new social network.

But, the big reason behind most of the accounts on TikTok being banned is they are having a really impressive and hard community guideline and content detection system installed. They can capture your copied content in some seconds.

You can bypass every algorithm when you are creating original content (your own videos) and this is the actual thing that can give you loyal fans and you can start increasing your tiktok fans for free.

So, don't try to download videos of other users and upload them as your own, this is not a good tactic to use a platform like TikTok.

4. Use Best Sounds on TikTok

Everybody can easily choose a soundtrack on the TikTok app and shoot a 15 seconds video. It's like ABC for a degree holder.

But, what if you are shooting a sad video and using a funny sound on that? It will look uninteresting and people will not give you a like for that kind of videos.

There should be relevancy in your video and audio.

On TikTok, popular creators are showing you the proper use of a sound-track and they really make it more eye-catchy by adding effects, transitions, and slowmo filters.

You should try to play with TikTok soundtracks and be a good producer or you can say a TikTok creator.

5. Upload High-Quality Videos on TikTok

The platform is new, you have great camera phones and 90% of the smartphones nowadays can capture 1080p videos easily.

You should make HD videos and try to upload the same high-quality videos on your TikTok account. Or simply capture videos using TikTok's own camera feature.

This is not necessary, but if you provide your followers with high quality content, they will give you more time and stay with your profile as long as they use TikTok.

6. Create Engagement on TikTok

Most of the TikTokers don't react to their followers, they just love creating new videos and seeing them going viral.

This is not a good thing, you should try to create a community around your tiktok profile and make your fans happier by sending them replies and liking their comments.

You can also try to visit profiles of your top fans and then like some their videos, this will boost your organic reach and you will see an extra boost on your own profile that will surely send you more followers.

7. Use Other Social Networks with TikTok

When you create a new video on TikTok, you can save that video in your phone's storage for free and instantly (without a watermark).

That's the beauty of TikTok app, it gives you the ability to add any kind of sound to your videos, make/edit and create more magic in your videos and then gives you the ability to export videos for free.

But, most of the people don't get this and they are unaware of the fact that they can actually use those videos to increase their fans on all the other major social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

In simple words, the videos you make for TikTok, you should upload them on your other social media profiles and try to capture a wider audience.

8. Collaborate with Other TikTok Stars

In all the countries where TikTok is famous, the tiktok stars hold fan-meetings and they offer you to collaborate with them.

Always be on the hunt for those meetings. Create your schedules and try to make as many collaborative videos as you can with the other TikTokers.

You can ask them to upload one video at their profiles and add your TikTok username in the description of that video and you can do the same at your own profile.

But the questions here is "How to find TikTok fan meetings near you?" and the answer is "follow popolar creators on their Facebook and Twitter profiles too".

There they will announce the dates and the venues for their meetings and so you can attend them easily.

9. Cross-Promote for TikTok Followers

Chances are you have a great friends-list on Facebook, a few hundred followers on Twitter and some Instagram fans too.

What you should do for increasing TikTok followers via cross-promotion method is getting those Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community at your profiles to follow your TikTok ID.

You should ask your friends and followers on other social media networks to follow you on TikTok and you should share your tiktok username in Facebook groups.

There are some really big TikTok groups on Facebook and they really help you get more TikTok followers in a professional way.

10. Be Active on TikTok

Being active on TikTok app will help you to be in the limelight and increase your chances of going viral.

You should keep consistency by upload at least one video every day and liking other trending videos, leaving comments on viral videos and liking comments of other users.

There should be a realistic approach, so try to use TikTok at-least for 30 minutes every day (if you have time for this) and let the ball rolling for you.


Getting famous on Tik Tok or hitting your first 50,000 fans on TikTok is not really a hard job, you should learn how to get into the For You page so that more people can watch your videos and react to them.

Just make sure you are uploading 4 to 5 great videos on a daily basis with meaningful acts and show your own beauty, talent, and brain on the platform, it will surely make you a star and help you gain more free followers on tiktok.

So, follow our 10 steps to get more tiktok followers and start getting them on autopilot mode without using a fake tool.