How to get on the “For You” page of TikTok? - [13 Tips]

How to get on the "For You" page of TikTok? - [13 Tips]
After publishing a few articles on TikTok, I have been being asked about "How to Get on Tik Tok's For You Page" so that a person can get famous on this new social media networking app.

So, today I am going to share with you all the methods that most of the famous tiktokers are following to get their videos to go viral and spread to more tiktok watchers.

What is the "For You" page?

On the new and emerging short-form video sharing smartphone app "TikTok" everybody can watch trending videos just from its ""For You" page and tiktok creators on a quest to get their videos featured on that page.

TikTok video makers think that if they will have their videos on that page, they are going to be viral and a tiktok star overnight.

No doubts that this is happening as people like Khaby Lame, Loren Gray, Addison Rae, Jannat Zubair and Mr. Faisu from India are the two living examples who made it to the music videos and making huge money just by using TikTok to get famous.

Well, here's the real answer:
TikTok's For You page is all about recommending short-form videos to you based on your recent likes, views and searches. With a special algorithm by TikTok, every video which is uploaded to the platform eventually ends up in someone's FOR YOU page and then the algorithm decides to make the video go viral or not based on likes, views, comments and actions of viewers.
So, the short answer is "Every Video On TikTok Is Available On FOR YOU Page" all you have to do for getting your videos to go to more user's "For You Page" is what we are recommending right below:

1. Don't Upload Other's Video Content

Many new users of TikTok think that this new social media app is not that strict as YouTube is and they just download videos from other users then upload on their own accounts.

That's not a good practice, TikTok is somehow capable of detecting copied video content or you can say pirated videos, even there are chances to get your tiktok account banned for such actions.

You should avoid being content copier and start making your own videos, this is the first rule that you should follow to become a tiktok star in no time and get your videos featured at For You page instantly.

2. Videos Must be Longer Than 7 Seconds

As tiktok is a short-form video sharing network, there are some official statements in which TikTok is officially suggesting its users create videos that are longer than 7 seconds and are complete.

TikTok doesn't want you to upload incomplete videos as it will hurt their user experience and thus you will end up getting no views or fewer likes on your videos.

So, be more creative and try to make 15 second-videos and complete your message in those 15 seconds.

3. Make Use of Trending Sounds

On tiktok, its all about sounds and then acting on those sounds. You can add your own music, dialogues or even record live videos.

But, the best method to make sure that you are making it to the For You page is making videos on trending sounds.

There's no hard way of searching for trending sounds, just open the app, you will have plenty of videos to watch and look at likes and comments of those videos, if people are curious and really paying attention to a particular sound that you can understand by opening the sound page, you should create videos on those sounds.

Almost all of the tiktok users are doing this to make their mark and leap into the foryou page of tiktok app.

4. Show your Unique Talent

If you have, tiktok is the platform to show your unique talent to the world and there's a chance that you will be a start overnight.

This is happening right now and there are people who can paint, play, change outfits, make creative videos or jump like a champ. All of them are getting fame from TikTok.

On tiktok, there's no limit for any type of talent, you should try your luck and show your personal skills.

5. Participate In Trends and Challenges

There are new challenges every week and new trends that you can find by visiting the "Discover" page of TikTok app.

You can find really creative, engaging and awesome video content on that page, all you have to do is just participate in those trends and challenges and do what others are doing for winning hearts of tiktok users.

When you join others with this method, there are high chances that your videos will be featured on the For You page millions of tiktokers.

6. Upload HD Quality Footage

The times when people were curious to watch a video without considering the quality are gone, now everybody wants to watch at-least an HD quality video.

It's the era of 4 camera mobiles with high-end video capturing capabilities and most of the TikTok users are using flagship smartphones, that's the reason why you should upload HD quality footage and make people enjoy your content.

NOTE: The more likes you get on your videos according to your video-views, the more you get featured on For You page.

7. Create Engaging Content

Now that's not a quick tip, if you are looking to get famous instantly, you have to create really engaging content and that's not easy.

If you are a daily tiktok user, you may have watched videos having a surprise twist in the end or slow-motion effects.

That type of videos are engaging and people tend to watch videos that are changing the trends on TikTok, so try to make tiktok videos that are engaging in terms of the viral trends.

8. Use More Trending Hashtags

As you know every major social media networking website and app is utilizing hashtags and thus, new apps have to be in that hashtags game.

TikTok is also one of the biggest social media apps and thus they are offering you to use trending hashtags or make your own to get more eyeballs on your videos.

They are officially recommending users to add trending hashtags into the description of their videos to reach a wider and relevant audience that eventually makes your videos get featured in someones For You page.

9. Interact With Other TikTokers

You should appreciate other TikTok creators by commenting on their videos, liking their videos and also by following them and when you will do this, you will never ask a question like "how to get on the tik tok for you page".

There are chances for you to get more tiktok followers when you are liking videos of others, commenting on their videos and also replying to comments on those videos.

Interacting with other tiktokers can help you easily get into the for you page.

10. Upload 3/4 Videos Every Day

As everybody says that consistency is the key to success whether you are making videos for youtube, doing blogging or upgrading your business.

The same rule applies to TikTok algorithms, they want you to be consistent and keep your fans engaged with your new videos.

So, if you are serious about getting your videos on For You page oftentimes, you should create and upload at least 3 videos every day.

11. Don't Upload Videos with Watermarks

Watermarks, logos, and effects from other apps outside the TikTok app can get you into trouble. As TikTok is officially saying that if you want to get yourself feature you shouldn't add such text or images or even any filter from other apps.

So, avoid watermarking your videos and make clean videos that tiktok algorithms will love then make them viral for you.

12. Collaborate with Other Users

If your friends or some other people in your town are using TikTok, you should go to them and ask for collaboration.

Don't worry about what they'll think, they will be happy to collaborate as everybody on TikTok is looking for collaboration because this is something that TikTok loves.

So, find someone who can join you and try making videos together.

13. Shoot your Videos Outdoors

If possible, you should go to your nearest park, mountains or roadside or wherever you feel good. Create videos in that area and show your creativity of making videos like a pro.

People who make videos of mountains or skyscrapers are really making people go wow and that's really an awesome way to get your own videos go viral.

I recommend you to make videos around your town, show your city and make professional-quality videos for this.

People sitting in their homes and using TikTok are looking to see the world and a world from real humans not just the ad-makers.

So, show them and capture their attention towards you.

While you do this, I will be back and publish another guide on TikTok, for that, stay with me.