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Improving Cold Outbound Sales Email with Social Proof

by on Sep 4, 2019
Improving Cold Outbound Sales Email with Social Proof
Most sales teams rely on cold calling, inbound marketing strategies, referrals, and cold outbound sales email campaigns. Unfortunately, with cold email campaigns, they don’t convert for most teams. On average, you can expect about 2-5% of people to respond with interest.

This happens because people receive a lot of emails every day and it’s more important than ever to stand out. So how can you stand out today in a world filled with cold sales emails?

It's called "social proof." A team of cold outbound email experts recently crunched the data and found some surprising results that can benefit anyone looking to acquire more customers.

There are three ways you can incorporate “social proof” it into your emails.
  1. Mentioning a famous customer increased open rates by 208%
  2. Mentioning a prominent investor increased open rates by 111%
  3. Mentioning shared LinkedIn contacts increased open rates by 468%
Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below.
Infographic: Improving Cold Outbound Sales Email with Social Proof

We hope that you will now change your strategies and implement the working methods.

If you need more help in email marketing, you can comment below or wait for our next updates.

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