What is Project Planning Software and its Benefits?

What is Project Planning Software and its Benefits?

In today’s world, anyone can create a team without having to meet each other personally. Business owners can hire people from anyone in the world, and they can collaborate in real-time as long as they all have a computer and internet.

Besides these two main things, project planning software also makes project planning more manageable.

But, what exactly are these tools and how can they help you?

What is a Project Planning Tool?

Project planning software is software that is used mainly for project planning.

However, it also includes other features, such as scheduling, resource management, cross-project visibility, and collaboration. Most software also has budget managing features.

Each of these features can help each member understand the goals and track their growth. In general, this type of software is made to improve your team’s efficiency.


Most of the free tools available in the market only cover the most basic features. It is wise to go for a premium project planning software for your business needs.

Below are the benefits you can get if you have a project planning software:

1. Real-time Collaboration

One of the most important benefits of a project management tool is your chance to collaborate. You can chat with your teammates either by voice or by text. This allows you to know what they are currently doing.These collaborations are real-time. That means there is no time wasted waiting for your employees to reply. Anyone can send their ideas at meetings using project planning software.

The bottom line is, these tools help in effective communication.

2. Ease of Use

These tools have everything in neatly organized one place so that you know where to go and how to use it. Some apps are easier to use than others.

But their generally user-friendly interface is a big plus for many. After all, not everybody is tech-savvy.

3. Document Sharing

When choosing a software, you should choose something cloud-based.

That means documents and files uploaded to the tool are directly uploaded to the internet. This way, you won’t lose files easily. You can delete them on your computer, but they can be retrieved on the internet.

Additionally, project management tools make it easy to share different documents that are needed for work.

4. Time Tracking and Budget Management

This feature does not appear in every project management software. But it’s great if you can find a tool with time tracking and budget management.

It can help you and your employees track how many hours they have worked for the week. This lets both of you know if they are missing some hours or they worked overtime. Additionally, you know how much to pay them.

Normally, time tracking and budget management are tied. You can input their rate per hour and the total payment you owe them will be shown in the tool. Partly, this is also for transparency.

There are different project planning tools available online. As a business owner,  it’s your responsibility to choose the right one that is fit for the group.