How to Edit Great Videos Without Experience - Filmora Wondershare Basics

How to Edit Great Videos Without Experience - Filmora Wondershare Basics
Editing great videos for a corporate video, marketing campaign, or music to illustrate your ideas and thoughts to connect with others emotionally isn't easy. Video editing is a skill that needs time and patience for you to learn and become used to. But, it's impossible to edit great videos without experience.

Wondershare Filmora version 9 is a video editing software that features simplicity and elegance, allowing beginner, casual, and novice users to edit videos with finesse.

The main window of the interface of Filmora provides those without video editing experience whatsoever the complete control over the video project to avoid any confusion.

Further, user-friendly features of Wondershare Filmora can also let you have a total of 100 audio and video editing tracks as well as producing them in high-quality.

In addition, you don't have to worry about the advanced features for editing because they won't be there.

Here are the Filmora Wondershare Basics to know how to edit great videos without experience.

Trim, Split, Rotate, Crop, and Join Video

After importing the audio, images, and videos, you'd want to edit to Filmora9, you have to know every step as you edit along the way.

Since there are various ways, You can edit professional marketing videos with the online movie maker at The basics of Wondershare Filmora will help you arrange media clips in your timeline

Sample Colors and Sample Intro Videos

Filmora9 contains several samples of still images of colors as well as countdown intro videos to help you start the introduction of your video instantly.

You can access these resources by clicking Media, and then click 'Sample Colors' or 'Sample Video.'

Ripple Delete Clips from Timeline

Deleting clips from a timeline is easy, but it can leave a massive gap in the timeline. Using the 'Ripple Delete' feature allows you to delete the media file while closing the enormous gap in the timeline.
You can either right-click the clip or press and hold 'Ctrl' while selecting multiple clicks and then right-click. Further, after right-clicking, you can select 'Ripple Delete' to delete the clip or clips and bring the remaining media in the timeline together.

Trim Video Clips

Trimming from the beginning or end of the video clips can be done by hovering your mouse to the left or right edge of the media clip in your timeline until a double-arrow appears.

The double arrow at the left or right edge of the media clip is the trim tool. You can then click and drag either edge forwards or backwards to get rid off the portion you don't want.

You can also trim a section in the middle of the video clip by dragging the orange play head to the start point of the part you don't like and then click the scissor icon above the timeline. After you click the scissor icon, you have to drag the orange play head to the endpoint of the section you want to cut out and pressing the delete icon beside the scissor icon.

Splitting Video Clips

You can accurately split a large media clip into smaller parts, different segments, or take only the parts of the clip you want through Manual Splitting or Scene Detection.

The scissor icon in the toolbar also serves as a split tool. You can either add transition effects between the separated media clips for a smoother transition or delete them.

Scene Detection feature of Filmora9 can automatically split the video based on the parts where the scene changes. For instance, action cameras can have riding, diving, and skating scenes in one video. Scene Detection feature can detect the changing scenes and will automatically split them into different pieces.

Joining Video Clips

The Join feature allows you to combine the videos you've split into smaller parts or different video clips into one.

You can join the video clips by placing them in the order you want in the timeline, then click the 'Export' button to save the combine videos into a single clip.

Enhancing the Video Clips

An Edit panel will pop-up by double-clicking the clip in the timeline.

Clicking the Color menu tab allows you to adjust the color, light, HSL, tone, and white balance of the video clips. You can also add vignettes effects and experiment with the colors of the video clips to change the mood of the video clips.

Creating Freeze Frames

Freeze frame feature is under the Custom Speed windows that allow you to pause a single frame of your video much like a still image. By clicking the gauge icon in the toolbar, select ‘Freeze Frame.’

You can also change the default duration of your Freeze Frame by hovering your mouse on the File toolbar at the very top of the Filmora program. You then have to hover your mouse down to ‘Settings’ and the settings window will appear. You then click the ‘Editing’ tab and adjust the seconds of the Freeze Duration.


If it's your first time dealing with video editing. You'll need essential tools you can quickly learn to edit a great video, Wondershare Filmora might be the program you're looking for.

You can even browse through if you've gained more experience in video editing to find a program with advanced features.