48 Best Genealogy Blog Names

48 Best Genealogy Blog Names

The days when people have to spend money and efforts on finding their ancestors are gone, now everybody can get great help with a DNA test and such information is rarely available on the internet. If you can write on such topics, you should start a blog now. 

Just make sure you are providing accurate and authoritative data to back your blog posts and claims, that's how you can win your readers and be a professional blogger with a trusted blog.

In addition, to help you do blogging easily and find a great blog name, we are sharing this list of 48 best genealogy blog names with you.

Genealogy Blog Name Ideas:

Here's a list of some unique, memorable and best genealogy blog names for you:
  1. Choice DNA Blog
  2. Gleeson DNA Project
  3. A Genealogy Blog
  4. The Legal Genealogist
  5. My DNA Paternity
  6. AncestryDNA
  7. Segment-ology
  8. DNA Barcoding
  9. Dear Myrtle
  10. SmartBody
  11. Synthetic Genomics Inc
  12. Roots & Recombinant DNA
  13. Scizzle
  14. myDNAhealth
  15. DNA Testing Update
  16. Be A Genealogy Expert
  17. Home Science Blog
  18. DNAeXplained
  19. The 23andMe Blog
  20. DNA Forums
  21. Never Ending Hope
  22. DNA Consultants Test
  23. Inside DNAnexus
  24. Worldwide Genealogy Journal
  25. Chance To Life
  26. Your Genetic Genealogist
  27. Choosing My DNA
  28. DNA Digest
  29. My Heritage Blog
  30. Haplogroup
  31. Genealogy and DNA
  32. UpstateDNA
  33. Love Your Ancestors
  34. Love Your DNA
  35. Extra Extend Genealogy
  36. The DNA Geek
  37. Fast DNA Testing
  38. Family Tree DNA Forums
  39. Ancestry Blog Tips
  40. DNA Services UNLIMITED
  41. The Forensic DNA Gathering Place
  42. Perfect Genealogy Tricks
  43. Endeavor DNA
  44. DNA Diagnostics Center
  45. Pure Gold Genealogy
  46. Just Another Genealogy Blog
  47. First Genealogy Blog
  48. Beyond DNA
These 45+ blog names not only help you to name your blog, but also provide you the technique to generate creative blog name ideas on the go.