Google is Testing Web Search Results Without URLs

Google is Testing Web Search Results Without URLs
Google is making changes to various things for making a great user-experience and delivering more traffic to the publishers, making the whole search system privacy-focused and interactive.

Today we got to know that Google is testing a new SERPs UI by removing the URLs from search results and showing just the breadcrumbs (even no domain will be shown).

Google tests the to display only the icon, breadcrumb/site name, title, and description no URL at the end.

You can read the actual Reddit post and see how Google will remove the URLs entirely from the search results via below screenshot:

Google testing search results without URLs

Here's another from another Reddit user for logos in search results:

Google showing logos in search results pages
Well, some experts and Google users don't agree on this new change and they think that hackers will be able to leap into SERPs easily as when there is even no-domain in the results, how Google users will be able to find legitimacy in a result?

However, on the other hand, this will help newbies in Blogging and Content publishing to get a chance of gaining some traffic.

Since Google is testing many other things with the search results and trying their best to improve the user experience, it is expected that they will not release this update.

We will wait for Google to actually make an announcement.