52 Best Author Blog Names

52 Best Author Blog Names
Writing a book, typing an article or publishing some blog posts, everything like these makes you an author and its really a hot business nowadays. Since everybody can sell books on Amazon without any kind of upfront fees, people are making huge money. You can make it too by starting a blog.

To help you a little, we are sharing a new list of 52 best author blog names that will guide you to easily name your blog and stay professional.

Author Blog Names:

  1. Paperback Writer
  2. My Authoring Tricks
  3. No Rules
  4. Pocket Full of Words
  5. Cute Author Blog
  6. Novelesque
  7. Amazing Writers
  8. Craphound
  9. My Mysterious Writing Tricks
  10. Lawman's Authors
  11. Writer Unboxed
  12. Writing Forward
  13. Web Petals
  14. Write Anything
  15. Freakonomics
  16. Author Name
  17. Slay Your Demons
  18. Out of the Blogosphere
  19. Helpful Authoring Tips
  20. Write to Done
  21. An Author's Blog
  22. Buzz, Balls and Hype
  23. Searchblog
  24. Book Title
  25. The Urban Muse
  26. A Writer’s Life
  27. Backstory
  28. Greek Tragedy
  29. Storytellers Unplugged
  30. Hot Topic Ideas
  31. Cabbages and Kings
  32. Returning Author Hacks
  33. Beyond the Beyond
  34. Just Another Author
  35. Freewill Author Blog
  36. Dreamy Writings Blog
  37. Garage For Authors
  38. Dispatches
  39. Writing Fiction
  40. Unlisted Authors
  41. Latest Author Hacks
  42. SnarkSpot
  43. Between the Lines
  44. Diary of a Mad Romance
  45. Blatherings
  46. I Am An Author
  47. The Whine Sisters
  48. Dawn Of Authors
  49. Global Author Community
  50. King's Author Blog
  51. Engaging Author Blog
  52. Revenue For Authors
These 50+ blog names about author and writers can inspire anyone to brainstorm and generate a few creative blog name ideas.