How to Make More Use of an Instagram Business Account?

How to Make More Use of an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram has become quite popular in terms of the number of businesses and other brands looking to spread their influence here. The platform continues to grow at a rapid speed on all fronts so it is not that surprising to see all this fuss.

Both small and big businesses have a chance to really make the most out of it if they play their cards right. If you are looking to expand, then Instagram is certainly the place to go. Also, if you do not have a lot of experience, worrying about that should also not be something worth doing.

This article will cover all the basics and then some. So make sure to continue reading and getting the most out of your next venture, which is building a functioning Instagram profile for your business.

Instagram Stories

Since the goal of an Instagram profile is promoting your services or products to make more sales, you need to make the most of what is available.

One of their most recent features – the story mode – is a good place to start. Since stories are up for only 24 hours, you can take full advantage of that and show exclusive footage, make teasers, and so on.

Get them hooked. And once you start to dabble with it, you will realize all the great possibilities. Finally, you can get more information about it by reading how to use instagram stories Oberlo guide.

Business Account

Business Account
When you are done with registering your profile, make sure that you switch it to the business one.

Analytics, contacts, connection to a Facebook account, ad campaigns, and plenty of other perks will become available to you if you do that.


You only have 150 characters so make the most out of it. A bio should represent what you are. Be wise when using this space.

Some people like to include hashtags and that is probably worth it, since finding you on the platform becomes easier. Also, do not neglect including a link to your website.

Research the Competition

Another decent rule of thumb would be looking at what other accounts are doing.

Granted, you should not blindly copy them word for word, but your competition could become a big source of inspiration.


Planning your content in advance could make things easier. You never know when something happens, so having something already prepared could come big if you want to ensure that your schedule is perfect.

Variety is also extremely important. Like already mentioned, make more use of stories. Also, post some videos once in a while.


Your overall Instagram strategy will consist of a lot of different factors. And putting a bit more emphasis on hashtags should be one of your priorities. Even more so when starting out since this will be the only way for others to find you while browsing Instagram.

Do not spam your content with too many hashtags, though. The posts themselves will not look natural and are going to prevent users from taking you seriously. Stick to a few and do not go for something that has millions of daily searches but rather look for something that is not too competitive but can still bring you some new followers.

Engage with Your Followers

If someone sends you a direct message or leaves a comment, make sure to give them a response. Show them that you care and that the account is not run by some robot.

While such gestures might appear to be small and trivial, certain people really appreciate them and reciprocate in kind.


Try working with an influencer or two. A simple mention in their next post might be your ticket to reaching a decent place with your profile.

You can find influencers for pretty much any niche out there. And working with the so-called micro-influencers is usually better than hiring someone who has millions of random followers. After all, you are looking for the most effective way to run this account, right?


Nothing is going to bring you as much engagement as a contest or two. Everybody loves free stuff and they will be more than eager to enter a contest, especially when an entry fee is a simple comment or liking a post.

In a word, it might appear that conquering Instagram is a tough ordeal, but once you get the hang of it and implement as many of these techniques into your strategy, it should not take you too long.

So long as you follow with the plan and not give up in the middle of your journey, everything will turn out perfectly fine.