Helping a New Employee Adjust to Your Workplace

Helping a New Employee Adjust to Your Workplace
We’ve probably all been in a position where we’re the new recruit in the workplace. We don’t know anyone’s name but a few people approach us and help us fit in.

After a few hours, we probably know everyone’s name (at least, the people we work with) and a few weeks will pass until you’ve been fully integrated into the team and office culture.

Now that you’re a seasoned member of the team, it’s your responsibility to engage new employees and help them adjust to your workplace.

Recalling your experiences is a great way to do this, but here are a couple of tips to get you started.

  • Show them around when possible, introducing them to the different areas of the office and to their fellow colleagues.
  • Help them out when they’re in need. Whether it’s noticing that they’re doing something wrong or giving them some advice with some tasks, don’t be afraid to lend that helping hand.
  • Don’t be overbearing. You don’t want to be a hawk over their shoulder, but you do want to keep an eye on them and help when needed.
  • Be respectful to overzealous employees. Don’t just assume that they’re trying to show off. Talk to them in a calm manner and try to get them to calm down a little.
  • Add them to your social groups and work-related chats. This will help them settle in and get to know the office culture a little better.
Engagement in the workplace means improving communication. We’ve added an infographic below to showcase just how important communication is and how you can foster it to create a positive working environment.

Lack Of Engagement In The Workplace (Infographic):

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