Why Driveway Gates Are A Necessity

Gone are the days when only mansions, manors, and gated communities needed a driveway gate. Privacy, security, and curb appeal have now become the need of almost every homeowner with a driveway.

Modern homeowners don’t just need a roof over their head, or have a fancy living room with fireplace and wooden stairs.

They want to give their property an aesthetic appeal from the first time a visitor enters the premises. And what better way to ensure that your visitors are entering your house with their jaws hanging to the ground than installing a fancy driveway gate the driveway entrance.

Whether your primary reason for installing a driveway gate is giving your house entrance a chic appeal or you want to ensure that you have absolute control over the entrance of your driveway, you should consider a variety of factors before choosing your driveway gate.

Types of Driveway Gates

The first thing you should consider before deciding to buy a driveway gate for your house is the type of gate you need.

The material used in making the driveway gate plays a vital part in ensuring the safety of your property, and the durability of the gate. The following are the few types of driveway gates based on the material.

Steel gates

Steel is the most commonly used material in the making of driveway gates.

Many driveway gates are made using powder-coated steel for high durability and sturdiness. If you live in a place where the risk of break-ins is high, choose a steel gate with spikes on top to deter intruders and keep them at bay.

Note: The powder coating technique is always helpful, so ask for this before you get someone to install your own steel gate.

Iron gates

Similar to steel gates, Iron gates are also highly durable and offer a distinct feel to your place.

Some homeowners prefer iron gates for their feel. However, the upkeep and maintenance of iron gates are higher than other types of gates.

Aluminum gates

Even though Aluminum gates are not as durable and sturdy as Steel or Iron gates, they are preferred by some homeowners for being lightweight to avoid misalignment due to usage.

They are also more affordable and resistant to rust than other gates.

Wooden gates

Wooden gates are the most stylish driveway gets for your home. If you prefer spending on building a stylish home exterior, wooden gates are the best choice for your house.

They offer more options for customization and designing. You can carve the wood in the style you like, or give it the finish that goes with the exterior of your house.

Despite the highest curb appeal they offer, wooden gates are prone to cracking and warping, adding the cost of frequent maintenance into your budget.

The security of your driveway gate is solely depending on the type of driveway gate you choose to install. For instance, if you install a short and manually operated metal gate in your driveway, it offers the most basic security. The chances of a break-in can not entirely be ruled out.

However, if you wish to maximize the security of your driveway, make sure to get a large gate with magnetic locks, sensors for vehicles, cameras and intercoms to effect your inbound and outbound traffic.

The garage department has the best variety of driveway gates that you can choose from.

Buy the best driveway gate and accentuate the look of your house while staying safe and secure!