Google to Discontinue Classic Layout of YouTube for Desktop

Google to Discontinue Classic Layout of YouTube for Desktop
Time for a refresh of the whole Internet as Google recently introduced all-new Google Maps and now Google announced to discontinue the Classic Layout of YouTube on Desktop version and from the fixed date, it will start showing the new UI introduced in 2017.

By March 2020, you will not be able to switch between old and new interfaces on YouTube for desktop as the new material design is up to the standards for web-design trends of this year, Google is looking forward to refreshing its products.

Some of the users "using YouTube Studio Classic version" may need to update their browsers to become compatible with the new layouts of YouTube.
The need to retire the classic version of YouTube brought in the light when Google introduced many new features in YouTube's new layout and some of the features like Dark Mode, Live Streaming and many other Studio features are not available in the older version, that's why Google wants you to switch and try new YouTube with all the latest features included.

Google is making changes to YouTube to make it a pro-level online cinema and the new feature "Dark Theme" is one of the best features that makes sense when you are in the mode to watch a movie and relax.

As Google claims, this will be a great switch for YouTube Creators and Viewers also.