Nvidia "GeForce Now" Cloud Gaming Service Launched at $5/month

Nvidia "GeForce Now" Cloud Gaming Service Launched at $5/month
Following the Google Stadia launch, Nvidia released its cloud gaming service GeForce Now with a special subscription fee of $5 per month that is winning the cloud gaming world with the lowest fee.

The cloud gaming services "GeForce Now" from Nvidia is in the beta phase and available to gamers residing in North America and Europe and the users can also test this service by registering a free account.

Some news sources are referring GeForce Now as a direct competition to Google Stadia as they are offering all the Stadia services in a $5/month price tag and already have a huge fan-base (customers).

Partnering with other third-party gaming networks like EPIC, Steam, and Battle.net, Nvidia is allowing you to access all the games on GeForce Now that you own on any of the third-party platforms. This is something every gamer will appreciate and join this new cloud gaming services with close eyes.

On the statement by most of the news sources and gaming experts, Nvidia is looking to demolish its competitors like Google Stadia and others by offering GeForce Now users to enjoy the games that they already own in hard copies and they will never have to pay twice for one game that they play online using Nvidia's gaming accounts.

In the end, it is all about your internet connection and Nvidia claims that if you have a good internet connection (high speed) their data centers will bring joy to your gaming experience in just 20 milliseconds of transferring data which is amazingly perfect fora 4K cloud gaming service.

GeForce Now is available for Windows, Mac, Android and also for Nvidia Shield TV that you can test with a free account with 90 days of trial and also a $5 per month account without any limitations.

If you have a 50mbps internet connection, you will love the 4K cloud gaming experience.