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How To Get More Comments On Your Blog?

Feb 1, 2018

Are you a blogger? and looking for people to comment on your blog posts?

But no one leave comment?

Searching for how to get good comments on your blog? and all other questions like that?

Here I will try to give answers to all of your comments related questions and guide you how to get more comments on your blog with easy hacks.
Well, this shit happens to almost 7 out of 10 bloggers.

Because the lack of information and tricks they use ruin their blogs and they end up failing to get more comments even when they are creating very amazing and great content on a timely manners.

Yes! This is not a much bigger problem you are facing as many of us are in the same boat.
How To Get More Comments On Your Blog?

You can solve it by implementing below tricks or you can say tactics. Let's start now.

1. Create Questionable Content

Yes, creating and sharing questionable content on your blog can lead you to get some interesting comments and also you may need to moderate those comments but it will be better for a viral conversation.

Here the questions is what type of content is questionable in every niche?

Here's my answer:
  • Write on viral topics and add some satire to spice it up
  • Write about a country known for ABC and say its known for XYZ (its risky)
  • Predict something and add really frustrating lines
You can also go out of the box and write on the topics which no body want to discuss in public and even with loved ones.

I know that I can't really explain this method here but in some niches like Technology News, Politics and Showbiz this type of methods works very well and those who works in these niches knows how to create questionable content.

NOTE: Please try to understand the difference in objectionable content (bad) and questionable content (safe).

2. Make Commenting on Blog Easy

I have seen so many blogs (including authority blogs) which are not able to make it easy for readers to comment about their articles.

Many blogs are enable with different commenting plugins and those plugins asks readers to signup with that platforms.

This may cause the burn to your blog's comment as a result you will see less comments or no comments on your well organized and rich content blog.

I recommend you to keep the commenting system on your blog as clean and simple as possible for you. For an example you can see the commenting system in the end of this blog post and try to add a comment, its too easy.

A good commenting system should ask these details from commentators:
  • * Name
  • * Email
  •    Website address
  • * Comment 
Yes, website address can be cleaned from comment box but name, email and comment box should be there without any captcha even its from any authoritative company.

Captchas ruin commenting mind of readers, so that its better to add a spam filter or comment approval plugin at your website for taking care of spam comments.

NOTE: For WordPress Akismet is a good plugin to hold everything related to commenting problems and for Blogger (blogspot) there is no need to add any plugin but you can see a settings page for approval of comments under settings at left sidebar while Blogger is on autopilot to handle spam comments for you.

3. Ask for Comments

This is something every new and old marketer will tell you to do for getting some comments on your blog.

Because, when you ask there is a chance that some of your readers will accept your invitation and submit a comment.

Also there is a way of asking, don't beg for comments.

Just ask having this in your mind:
  • Ask to relative people on social media
  • Ask to your readers in the end of articles
  • Use lines like: Discuss in comments, Ask your questions in comments or you can say "let's chat in the comments form below" and etc
I do it and get some out put on my clients blogs and some blogs I test new techniques on.

Conclusion is we should be like a human not robot.

Just try to create content to solve a problem and as nobody can say everything in a blog post, you can tell them more in the comments section.

Happy blogging and try your luck to comment below for secret tips to get more comments. 😍

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