10 Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits

10 Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits

In this technical era, everybody is looking for some part time jobs that come with benefits like health insurance, launch or extra perks. They want to earn more on a side hustle and do more in life without putting pressure on their 9to5 jobs or asking their bosses to raise their salaries.

Since we have to set money aside for our retirement too, we may also have other plans like going on a vacation, enjoying a beach party or flying in a private jet for once. To fulfill those dreams, we are ready to work as freelancers and smart workers. Here come the side jobs that can pay us a little more than what we do.

With a list of top 10 best part time jobs with benefits near you, we are looking forward to helping you out and take your career to the next levels and also boost your income so that you can do what you are dreaming about right now.

Let's get to the point and all of the listed companies will provide you extra benefits in any job you may do with them:

1. Starbucks: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

Making a good company is not possible when you are not rewarding your employees, and Starbucks setting an example by giving its employees or as they say partners, some real benefits like medical care, life insurance, accident coverage, 401(k) with match, time-off program, eating perks every week.

Along with that, disability and healthcare coverage and also Starbucks employees can get educational services in which they can study in a bachelor's degree program with Arizona State University's online education program with the help of Starbucks giving you the full tuition reimbursement and this is for U.S. employees only.

2. Chipotle: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

You will find this name in every side jobs lists and there's a reason behind, they are offering vision, health, dental coverage and also offers discounts to all of their employees without any extra charges at all. Just like Starbucks, Chipotle is offering many benefits but with their education program, only their full-time workers can earn a degree with up to 99% discounted fees, but not part-time job holders can enjoy this option.

3. Costco: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

With the best benefits like health insurance, vision, and dental care and also 401(k) plan, Costco is offering really amazing benefits such as child care assistance, life insurance, and some extra perks, the only bad thing about Costco company is they want you to wait for up to 180 days before you can be eligible for such benefits.

4. Macy's: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

Following other companies, Macy's are offering most of its part-time employees with benefits like flexible schedules (not available with above companies), retirement plan, health insurance, and special discounts on all of the Macy's merchandise. Anybody who works with this company as a part-time worker can avail of these benefits and also their on-the-job training sessions for free.

5. REI: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

If you are looking for some fun too, you can join REI as a part time worker as they are offering some crazy benefits like challenge grants, 50 percent off on REI gear and apparel, medical insurance for you and your dependents with life and disability plans too. But, the only bad thins for this company is they don't offer you any extra benefit unless you do a job with them for at least 12 months and 20 hours per week.

6. JP Morgan Chase: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

If you want to be a part of a really awesome bank with your part-time job, you should join JP Morgan Chase as they are offering awesome benefits like medical insurance and vision coverage with 401(k) and every employee with a 20 to 40 hours per week job-work can apply for such benefits just after his/her 90 days of the work with this bank. But, they are not fixed at these benefits, so, always ask about such offers before actually joining them.

7. Lowe's: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

With Lowe's you can enjoy many part-time working benefits such as medical, vision and dental coverage, life and disability insurance, wellness programs and all of these benefits are available for their selected/eligible workers. You can also get Lowe's learning and development program offers without doing any extra work hours.

8. Staples: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

Going straight, Staples is a company that knows what should be offered in benefits for part-time workers and they are offering life insurance for you and your dependents, short-term disability and a 401(k) with accidental death coverage and all of this for every part-time work with Staples.

9. Kaplan: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

Kaplan is also offering great benefits for its part-time workers such as life insurance, health, dental and vision coverage with options for all of the employees to receive Kaplan courses for free or at a very discounted price. They are doing such benefits with the help of a third-party company.

10. Wegmans: Part Time Jobs with Benefits

If you are looking for a grocery store part time job, Wegmans can help you. They also offer some benefits like healthcare coverage with two different healthcare plans available for all the employees (part-time or full-time) and the only bad thing is they are offering dental coverage to its full-time employees only and there's no other benefit with them.

So, this was a list of top 10 best part time jobs with benefits near you, that you can start today without any extra costs to you.

I hope you enjoyed the list.