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Reverify Your Pakistani SIMs or They will Get Blocked Again

by on Feb 28, 2020
Reverify Your Pakistani SIMs or They will Get Blocked Again
It was decided to re-verify the mobile phone SIMs. According to private TV, the federal government is considering re-verifying the SIMs of mobile phone users.

A news agency has been told by a senior interior ministry official,

Hopefully, the SIM verification process will be repeated. He says the proposal was approved by the FIA ​​and other agencies.

According to the PTA, 16 crore 40 lakh Pakistanis use mobile phones. These include more than 7 crore 3G and forgery mobiles.

When the officer asked again about the reason for the re-verification of sims in Pakistan, he said, the people in the villages misuse the SIMs by putting thumbs of poor or uneducated people for the sake of some money, which, in turn, will lead to criminal activities. He also told that this has become a very easy way for criminals.

He says the cybercrime complaint has tripled, 56,696 complaints have been received.

It may be a good decision as it will clean the extra junk from mobile SIM fraud schemes.

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