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Coronavirus: Microsoft Closes All Stores Worldwide

by on Mar 19, 2020
Coronavirus: Microsoft Closes All Stores Worldwide
Microsoft announces the closure of its stores for an indefinite time in view of the threat of coronavirus, while US healthcare officials are cautioning medical equipment to cope with the global epidemic.

COVID-19 is spreading worldwide and as it spreads from humans to humans, tech giants are taking strict actions by closing their doors.

The first death toll from coronavirus has been confirmed in the US state of Texas, after which the number of patients across the US has exceeded 4,000.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Deputy Minister of Economy has also fallen victim to the coronavirus, the Brazilian Minister was also in the delegation meeting the US President 10 days ago.

Tweet from Microsoft:

Bars, restaurants and theme parks have also been closed in Chicago, while Canada has closed its borders for all foreigners, except those coming from the United States.

The coronavirus has been confirmed in the State Minister of Monaco, Spain's regional leader and this confirms that this virus can travel anywhere.

A few days ago, Twitter did the same by closing Worldwide Twitter Offices and asking employees to work from home.

Schools have been shut down in Ivory Coast following coronavirus prevention measures, while flights have been suspended for coronavirus-affected countries.

Following the outbreak in Asian countries, Pakistan, India, and Iran also taking strict actions by closing schools, marriage halls, and public places.

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