How to Choose a Brand Name for Your Salon

How to Choose a Brand Name for Your Salon

A brand name should be well thought of. It should be something that your customers can remember without memories of frustration.

Your business name should be carefully chosen since it can have a significant impact on your future success.

This is especially important for businesses that serve clients with useful services, such as hair salons. You want your customers to associate your brand with great haircuts and quality service.

Here are some pointers to help you come up with a unique brand name for your salon.

Think of Your Salon Image

Are you going to service both men and women? What services are you going to offer?

When thinking of a brand name, you should imagine your salon’s image from the perspective of the clients. This means that whatever your salon’s name should reflect what you are going to offer clients.

For example, if you want to call your salon in Canada as Luxury Salon and Spa, clients would expect to have a luxurious experience when they visit your salon. If not, they may turn away next time and even leave a bad rating. If you want to use your name for your salon, you can also do so.

Using your name can be an excellent choice if you are a famous hair stylist Edmonton, and you want to open a salon where you can cater to your existing clients.

You have to remember that how you brand yourself should reflect in your services.

Consider Your Competition

If you are planning to launch your business in an area full of beauty shops, you also have to think about your competition. You have to make sure that your brand name is not confusingly to a competing business, for two reasons.
First, you don’t want people accidentally going to your competitor thinking it’s you. Second, a name that’s too similar to theirs can lead to you being accused of infringing on their brand. For a start, do an online search of salon names you think of to see whether there are any similar ones in your area.

Uniqueness Plays a Role

When you open a salon, you want to come up with a unique name but something that resonates with customers and is easy to remember.

One noticeable thing about the salon name’s nowadays is that creativity is nonexistent. It is like most of them would pattern their brand names from a famous brand. Do you notice how many salons have names that have the term “beauty” in them? Beauty Box, Bella Beauty, Big Beauty, and the list goes on.

Of course, using the term “beauty” is expected because they are, after all, beauty salons, but we can all use a little creativity from time to time.

Factor Your Location

If you have a permanent place you can set up your salon, then you can use the address as an inclusion in your salon’s name.

For example, Northwest Pamper Place is a good choice so your clients can easily recall your location and your salon’s name. For this purpose, you can also use the exact address, such as 26 Melrose Street. You have to make sure that you are never going to relocate anytime soon.

Service Specific

Most salons offer a whole variety of packages.

If your salon would specialize in specifics like nails, then it would be nice to let your clients know immediately through your brand name. For example, you can use The Nail Cottage or Nail Art Studio.

Logo Duplicability

When you think of a salon name, you also have to consider its logo design.

You have to make sure that it can be easily replicated because sometimes your clients would remember your brand from its logo alone.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a salon name can be quite challenging. Sometimes, it can take months.

Some even pay other people to come up with unusual and catchy names for their business. Once you have figured out your salon name, you have to embrace it and promote it on social media pages like Instagram where beauty following is enormous.