Engineers Invented Electric Shock Sandals To Decrease Women Harassment

Engineers Invented Electric Shock Sandals To Decrease Women Harassment
An engineer from Tando Jam University developed electronic smart sandals against those who try to harass women in Pakistan.

Raheel Sarwar, a software engineer doing Ph.D. in information technology at Tando Jam University, introduced Smart Sandals with the help of his field student, Abida.

The highlight of this sandal is that, if anyone tries to harass a woman wearing smart sandals, he will have a strong current shock.

Sensors and electronic devices in smart sandals show/send the sandals' real-time location, along with other functions on the mobile app available for smartphones. While a woman wearing smart sandals can also use these sandals as a weapon if a person tries to harass her in any way. If the harassment occurred at work, she could then contact an employment attorney to sue her harasser and/or employer.

Smart sandals maker Raheel and Abida say that:
The money spent on the manufacturing of smart sandals was Rs 12,000. However, if the government cooperates, every girl can be saved by bringing the cost of sandals down to Rs 1500 only.
This is really a unique invention from a Pakistan student who is still testing things and made a Smart Sandal that can protect women without having a dedicated bodyguard and these sandals can be used as anti-rape sandals.