How to Get More Views on Instagram: 6 Easy Steps for 2024

How to Get More Views on Instagram: 6 Easy Steps for 2024

Instagram is not about to lose its global appeal. With its more than 1 billion users per month, there is clear evidence that the social media site is on a roll.

As if that’s not enough, 60 percent of all adults who spend a considerable amount of time online have an Instagram account. Now that its popularity is not in doubt, you have to learn new ways of attracting more views on the platform. Views are not guaranteed, especially if you treasure engagement with your followers. A good multi-pronged strategy is essential for getting you the views you crave.

How to Get More Views on Instagram: 6 Easy Steps for 2024

Here's how you can get more views on the #1 social network for photos and videos called "Instagram":

Be Creative

A good story needs creative narration on Instagram to make it potent.

Here, potency refers to increased views. Put a bit more emphasis on Instagram Story. That’s where all the honey is. Do not forget to edit the content either. Direct it well, too.

Be Consistent

You may have been creating the last time you posted on Instagram. However, that was eons ago. Since then, you have probably disappeared from the face of the earth, at least on IG.

Such habits will never attract the kind of views you crave. Therefore, learn to be consistent. Posting daily or at least 4 times a week could help. You should implement it from today to set the ball rolling.

Take Excellent Photos

Instagram is all about sharing photos.

You need a good camera to take the kind photos that leave your audience gazing in admiration. Invest in the kind of camera that will not disappoint. Otherwise, your photos and posts would not be worth looking at twice, thus costing you views.

Interact with the Best IG Accounts

Instagram is like any other space in life. It has popular individuals.

Furthermore, it is full of top-performing accounts. Such accounts are worth interacting with. As you do that, you will attract more followers. More followers translate into increased views, which you need.

Engaging with Recent Posts

It is easy to search IG for posts, keywords, and phrases that are relevant to you.

Once you do that, your next task is to engage with all recent posts. Do not ignore hashtags or newly created accounts too. Trending topics too could push you into the world of endless possibilities.

Don’t Forget to Tag Location

Lastly, location is crucial in helping you to pull more views to your posts.

For this reason, endeavor to include a location on all your tags. That’s because many users look for locations that mean something to them.

Once they find your account, they will keep viewing its content.