How to Name a Business like a pro?

How to Name a Business?
Naming a business can take for entrepreneurs who are at the stage of founding their first startup company.

Here we tried to bridge the gap between experts and newbies that charges hundreds of dollars just to brainstorm a few unique name ideas. After reading this small and quick guide, you will be able to easily find a perfect business name idea and take a great start with your brand.

Without wasting time, here's how to name a business like a professional or an expert in your industry.

1. Know Your Market

There are different market segments, you have to know your market first and this can be done by finding your target market where you are going to release or sell your products or services. Here's how to define your target market:
  1. Demographics (Age, Gender, Education, etc)
  2. Define your competition
  3. Analyze your Products
These are the simple steps to easily find and understand your market for naming your business as a brandable icon.

2. Think Big

While you are in the process of finding a perfect business name, you should think big and think big because the small business you are going to start may help you build your international brand. So, here's how to think big:
  1. Go Out With Friends
  2. Talk To Relative People
  3. Read About Tech-Giants
  4. Watch Stories of Self-made Billionaires
You know? Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and many other billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg were not the richest people and they build their own international brands and giant companies on their own. So think big like these people before choosing a business name.

3. Be Creative

As naming a new business is not that easy, we have to be more creative and learn from art. So, here's how to be creative and choose the perfect business name:
  1. Watch Short Films
  2. Look At Brand Logos
  3. Read Interviews
  4. Ask Questions
These are some really effective ways to easily be creative and think like a creative person. Utilize these methods to make the next big brand name.

4. Research Again

Students often search for how to write a research paper, and here we are to tell you how to research for naming your company. Yes, you can act like those students and play around with our suggested steps:
  1. Pick A Topic
  2. Read Relative Articles
  3. Study Some Failures
  4. Read Case Studies
  5. Brainstorm And Find Ideas
This is a fantastic way of researching for naming a company or a business of your choice, so do it.

5. Find Some Suggestions

Another great way to easily brainstorm using your smartphone or a computer is to use keyword suggestion tools or simply your phone's keyboard. Follow the below steps:
  1. Type Something and See Suggested Words in your Phone
  2. Open Google and Type Any Word, See Suggested Queries
  3. Use Any Free Keyword Finder and See Relative Keywords
This is how you can get a lot of help from your smartphone or computer machine to brainstorm for your company name idea.

6. Ask Your Friends

No doubt that good friends help in all situations and when it comes to your own business idea, they always get excited. So, read our simple steps to ask your friends for name ideas:
  1. Talk About Business
  2. Ask Them About Their Own Ideas
  3. Ask Them for Names Ideas
These steps will help and guide you to easily find a name that will be specific to your business nature.

7. Check Trademarks

If you are ready and going to claim your name, you should always double-check for already trademarked names. Any word with a TM, C or R next to it is a trademarked name and you should check your ideas with an official trademark search tool.

8. Register Your Name

Registering a business name is not an easy task and we have to spend our money, time and sometimes good thinking too. Here's how to claim or register a name online:
  1. First, register a .com or other TLD with your name
  2. Now search for a trademark lawyer in your city
  3. Ask the lawyer for his/her fee to get your name registered
That lawyer will take a small fee with registration fees and will get you the registration files in some days and in some countries you will get a business bank account with that registration and also a tax number.

So, if you are now able to name your business, you can go ahead and if you need any kind of help or have some questions, you can ask in the comments.