Panda Express Is Now Open in South Everett

Panda Express Is Now Open in South Everett
Good news for foodies that the new Panda Express opens in south Everett and the drive-thru is also open for taking new orders.

Panda Express is a name of trust when it comes to fast food and this new drive-thru from Fred Meyer is located at the south side of a building at 8400 block (evergreen way).

Now grabbing your meal when driving is even easier with Panda Express in South Everett and not just this, they are also taking orders for take-out and packages too.

They have also provided their phone number for take-outs and anyone who needs a meal can call them to get the food delivered at the selected time.

To tell you more about Panda Express, it is a fast food restaurant company founded in 1983 and since than serving American Chinese cuisines in over 2,200 locations in California, United States.

So, if you are a lover of fast-food, you can call Panda Express near you to deliver your favorite thing to you.

Eat more, stay home and stay happy.