How to Search in Google with Unique Search Operators

How to Search in Google with Unique Search Operators
How to search Google with more than just typing your queries is a question that not everybody asks as mostly the people who use Google as the main search engine, they just type in the searching term and hit enter, they don't use Google search operators or any other tricks to find exactly what they are looking for.

In this article with an informative infographic explaining how to become a Google power user, we will share some really impressive tips and tricks that you can utilize and bring more power to your Google search capabilities. These Google search techniques really help content marketers, researchers and media persons to find what Google is not showing to everyone (for better user experience).

How to Search in Google (Tricks) - Infographic:

How to Search in Google (Tricks) - Infographic
Google Pro infographic by:
So, these Google search operators can help you dig deeper in Google search engine and find more accurate information.

I use "site:" and "allintitle:" search operators very often.

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