10 Viral TikTok Account Ideas To Get Famous Quickly

10 Viral TikTok Account Ideas To Get Famous Quickly
Why everyone is talking about TikTok? is this the next big thing in the online world?

Probably yes, TikTok could be the next billion-dollar company and take-over the social media giants like Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp) and Twitter too. Since 15-second videos are going viral on TikTok and the app itself is a viral app, its users want more ideas for tiktok videos and here we are with a list of top 10 best TikTok account ideas that can bring you on the For You page of TikTok app and help you be more unique.

We experimented with a few ideas and topics, and here are some of the most effective and working tiktok video ideas that bring more watch time, more views, more followers, and thousands of likes:

1. Trending Sounds

Tiktok is a platform for millennials (youngsters) and people who are creative enough to perform something on trending sounds and make people laugh or smile.
Tiktok Trending Sounds experiment result graph by AllBlogThings.com team
This is what we found with two different accounts on TikTok
While testing, we found that an average user who creates videos on trending sounds gets more views and an opportunity to get seen on For You page of TikTok app than those who create videos on new or old sounds.

2. Trending Hashtags

On TikTok, they officially suggest that users should use trending hashtags and the statistics of our case study also shows how a trending hashtag can help you gain more visibility on TikTok.
TikTok Trending Hashtags experiment result graph by AllBlogThings.com team
We found that when we use Trending Hashtags, we get more views and likes and also we get a chance to get our videos features in For You page and if people will like them, our videos could go viral.

3. Video Frequency

How many videos per day on Tiktok can help you go viral? here's our study, that suggests over 4 to 6 videos per day can help gain more visibility on TikTok and a chance to get more views and likes.
TikTok Videos Per Day experiment result graph by AllBlogThings.com team
The above graph shows the data of over 100 users that we tested and analyzed manually for a week and found that the users who are active on the app and uploading 4 to 7 or 4 to 6 videos are getting more response and high engagement than those who upload 1 or 2 videos every day on Tiktok app.

4. Travel Videos

Some suggestions now. We should how tiktok works in the above three headings and here we will talk about what your audience looks for on Tiktok and why Tiktok asks you to go outdoors and capture more of the natural beauty.

While using the Tiktok app, I personally realized that the videos in which we can see some mountains, roads, and historical places get more likes and views than other normal videos. There's a chance that Tiktok wants its users to post more about natural things and let their users who are on the platform for seeing the world watch where the tiktok users are traveling. So, for travelers, it can be a huge platform.

5. Dance For Your Followers

Tiktok is made out of Musically app where people watched many dancers and singers and they were happy with that. Soon after the merge of Musically into the Tiktok app, users saw massive growth and more influencers and new users joined the game with different and new ideas. This is a huge social media network now but still, people love to see dance videos.

If you can move a bit, you can join in and make your 3 to 15-second videos on trending music or a song that is trending in your local area. This is how many of the Tiktok stars got into the limelight and become a celebrity overnight.

6. Collaborate With TikTokers

This is another great method to go out and enjoy more while you are creating an audience on your TikTok account. Tiktok officially suggests you collaborate with others like your friends and family and more tiktokers who agree to do a duet with you.

You should try to collaborate with Tiktok stars in your city or country or at least duet with your friends who have good followers (more than 5K). Don't forget to mention your Tiktok username from the video description (at other user's profiles) and you can do the same in return. It will help you both gain some trust in Tiktok algorithms.

7. Drawing and Painting

Drawing, Painting and Sketching videos get more engagement and like on TikTok, people watch them again and again and share such videos more than the videos in you are showing your face.

If you can do such artistic work, you should film that and make a timelapse video or do quickly and capture your talent, you can create a huge following on Tiktok.

8. Animals and Cats

Everybody loves dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. On tiktok, there are many users who just post videos with their pets doing weird things and their followers watch them on a daily basis. They get huge views and shares.

You can capture street dogs too, you can capture birds and other aves, or even insects. Just make sure you are not harming any animal for your videos or not capturing them in a bad moment.

9. Pictures and Quotes

Not everybody does this, but. There are hundreds of Tiktok users just pick a sound and use a template from Tiktok app and write a quote on any of the images from their mobiles and hit the upload button. They get thousands and thousands of views + the share rate is high for such videos.

You just have to do it the right way, people love to read poetry and quotes from famous people around the globe. So, give them what they are looking for on Tiktok.

10. Original Content

Do what you are good at and show your own talent to the world with the Tiktok app. Yes, there's a huge audience waiting for your original content and you can make it big with uploading videos about your own unique talent.

That can be moon dance, motivational talks, face impressions, jokes, or just a dance move. You should upload that and let your luck play the game. There are people who got famous overnight with just one video and today they are being seen in interviews from big media houses.

So, do it and start uploading videos on your Tiktok account. Nobody knows which video can go viral and help you be a star.