Top 7 Benefits of LaaS in IT Network Management

Top 7 Benefits of LaaS in IT Network Management
Are you an information technology (IT) manager supervising the operation of your organization’s IT system? Managing a network can be as daunting as any system failure or security breach can cause substantial losses to your company.

To make your job easier, you should appoint qualified staff and adopt new technologies like Lab as a Service (LaaS). These tools provide benefits like process automation, on-demand remote access, virtual team communication, etc.

The IT network environment is a complex one. You need to establish efficient procedures and practices to maintain and monitor your network operations. This article discusses the benefits of LaaS and offers tips in establishing the right network infrastructure for your organization.

What is LaaS?

Lab as a Service is a software you can use to facilitate the development, testing, and monitoring of your IT system infrastructure.

It allows your team members to use your lab infrastructure and resources remotely through the cloud. It also promotes collaboration among your staff.

Benefits of LaaS in IT Network Management

Adapting LaaS software in your IT infrastructure can have several benefits. Among them are:
  • Utilizes sandbox IT to allow on-demand remote access to your lab resources.
  • Allows lab resources sharing by your team members to facilitate network development, repair, and maintenance.
  • Achieves organizational cost savings and business continuity. The operation of your business will not be affected because you can isolate the systems and software for testing from your network.
  • Optimized time for innovation. Your team can collaborate and brainstorm more in developing new systems and technologies.
  • Reduces your capital expenditure and operational expenses. If you use LaaS, you will need less equipment to purchase and maintain.
  • Better implementation of security policies. You can detect bugs and other issues in your systems and fix them quickly.
  • Increase in productivity and utilization. With LaaS, your development and test teams can utilize public cloud resources and on-premise tools to do their job faster and better.

Things to Consider When Establishing Your Network Infrastructure

As the IT manager, you should consider the ideal IT system for your organization to optimize efficiency and ensure secure connections.

Here are some considerations to take into account when designing your IT infrastructure:
  • Determine the purpose of your IT system – Know the applications and organizational goals your network will help to achieve. Knowing whether you will be including remote teams into your operation will help you acquire the appropriate equipment and related resources.
  • Consider security and connectivity – Plan a system with network accessibility and security as primary considerations. Including LaaS in your IT infrastructure will provide you benefits like remote access of lab resources while ensuring the safety of your system.
  • Standardize your software and hardware – Use standard equipment, peripherals, and software to minimize breakdowns and reduce your cost of maintenance and updates.
  • Establish backups – Make sure to have standby devices and backup files to minimize your idle time in case of system failure.
  • Consider the future growth of your company – Take into consideration your company’s growth when establishing your network infrastructure. You can use an estimate of a 20% growth per year in your calculations.
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan – Create a plan to ensure business continuity in case of network crashes or outages. Your program should also cover natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.
IT network management is a challenging and stressful process.

However, by automating your operations through the use of new technologies and processes like LaaS, you can maintain the smooth functioning of your system.