How to Choose a Company Name and Logo

How to Choose a Company Name and Logo
Choosing a company name and a logo could be much harder than registering a name. With millions of company names and thousands of logo designs already trademarked by big companies, we have to rely on our own brainstorming and research capabilities that are limited too.

To chase the success, we also have to choose the best name and a catchy logo that could easily fit in consumer's minds and get us the platform that we need. So, before starting your company or founding a startup, here's how you can choose a company name and logo:

How to Choose a Company Name?

Well, things has been changed from the past few years, and now choosing a name for your brand is something that will take 80% of your resources (when outsourced). Yes, I am talking with experience and for a brand that is aiming to go international in coming years.

So, here's how you can choose a best company name:

1. Brainstorm

You know your company's market and industry very well, you know how people could easily attract to your products. So, the first thing you could do for finding a company name idea is brainstorming.

For brainstorming, you don't have to hire any freelancer are an expert. You can do it yourself and that's actually what you need to do for a better level. Just sit down and think about some unique names that you couldn't find elsewhere and put them on a notebook.

2. Market Research

After having a list of some brainstormed names, you can start naming your company by a little market research that could be a trademark search and an offline market research too.

Why offline market research? because, there are hundreds of shop owners and small businesses that uses a name and they are also famous with that name but they never try to register them even they don't purchase a domain name for their business names. So, there will be your chance to take over the rights and be their direct competition. However, our intentions are not into this business, you should do it for checking weather your brainstormed names are original or not.

3. Be Unique

Always go for a catchy, memorable and trending company name, choosing it maybe not an easy way, but finding one can be. So, here's how you can find a unique name (if your brainstorming not worked well):
  • Use a company name generator
  • Ask your friends and family
  • Look at what's missing in the market
  • Use animals or fruits names like Apple and FoodPanda
There are many other formulas for choosing or finding a unique company name idea. But, these are the easiest steps you can take.

How to Choose a Company Logo?

This question be like "How to Design a Company Logo" but we will take it as it is, and you can see some examples of logos that will help you understand this easily. So, choosing a company logo could be real headache as when you decide a company name, you can easily get a company logo designed from various freelancers and graphic designers who do this job for $5 to $500 and all online.

So, getting a design is not an issue as we can get it for free also. Using many free logo design aka logo makers, we can easily get hundreds of samples. But, choosing a logo design is the real pain. Here's how you can do it professionally:

1. Decide Colors

The number one thing your customers or audience will notice in your company logo is the "Color" as you can see for many big companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal, they use a thematic approach for color schemes that represents their brands everywhere.

You have to decide a main color or a set of 3/4 colors that represents your company's branding and ask your logo designer to make use of these colors in your logo design and ask them same to your web-designer to use that same colors for designing your business website. You can also use same color scheme for your social media profiles and all the promotional materials that will help you boost your branding easily.

2. Catchy Fonts

Normally only font-type or typographical-approach can be used in a catchy logo design, but often, many brands ask their logo designers to combine a few of their favorite fonts. This is a unique way of getting a unique logo of your company.

However, that is also a key-point to consider when printing your product-labels, titles and names. You should use the same fonts on all of the written-items and on documents of your company. You should tell your marketing team to use that same fonts for all the marketing banners, videos and text material. That's why a company logo should have a catchy font too.

3. Don't Copy

Being unique is something other than not copying. So, consider you don't copy ideas of any other company, small business or a tech-giant. There are hundreds of startups which do this and they end-up re-branding their whole companies.

Always try to come up with something new and if you can't do it, you can hire a creative person for this job. You can ask that employee to think creatively for your ideas and convert those findings to your company's growth hacks.

Types of Logos

With our tips, you should learn about the top 4 types of logos:
  1. Font Based Logos
  2. Symbol Mark Logos
  3. Illustrated Logos
  4. Abstract Graphic Visuals
And then you can use all of these logo types for Monograms (or lettermarks), Wordmarks, Pictorial marks, Mascots, and the emblems.

Many big companies like Pepsi, McDonald, and Tesla are using the same logo types (in different years or branding and for different products) to market their products.

This is how you can easily choose a company name and logo that could help you boost your branding in just a few months.