What Makes an Eye-Catching Logo?

A logo encompasses the personality of your brand. In order to make it eye-catching, you need to figure out what you want it to represent.
What Makes an Eye-Catching Logo?
Your logo will be going on business cards, your website, and all company branding items. Think about the details carefully. 

Choose the main idea you want to portray and use your logo design to suggest this. Don’t overcomplicate things.

The easier your logo is to understand, the more eye-catching and memorable it will be. Trust in the fact that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Famous eye-catching logos

When you think of eye-catching logos, which companies come to mind? Often the most famous logo are the most straightforward, a simple symbol to represent the company that sticks with you.

Unfortunately, you might not have the budget or expertise like companies such as Nike, Pepsi, or Adidas, but you can learn from their example.

Think about the initial design

What form will you go for? Typical ideas include letters, or initials, or a doodle of your product or service. Come up with something simple, yet original. Do market research to find out what your logo inspires in customers when they look at it. 

You can also use tools online to see your logo “rank”. This is based on its visual impact, shape, color, and originality. Logo Rank checks to see if your logo resembles any others taken from stock.

Try online templates

There are several online logo making companies that allows anyone to design a professional logo within minutes. You can make a mock-up of your logo, without having to download any software, and you don’t need any professional design skills to do it.

DesignEvo for example provides a catalog of 10,000+ templates you can use to customise a basic logo for free. In only a few clicks you can create your own custom logo, choosing the color, font, size, and style. Check out some of the best free logo makers around. 

What are you suggesting?

Your logo is a suggestion. It’s a visual cue to your company rather than a detailed description. You need to carefully choose one element to represent your business.

If you want to focus on green ideologies for instance, then make your logo all about this. If instead, you want to focus on your main product, use this as your logo. 

Get your logo out there

Think of new and creative ways to get your logo out there, you could give out custom tote bags from 4allpromos.com as promotional material for example. If you do any team projects, such as volunteer work, get your employees to wear merchandise, and publish videos and pictures online.

Send things like t-shirts and caps for influencers to wear if you’re affiliated with any bloggers.

Alternatively, there are several online courses you can try on how to design a logo. These will teach you the basics if you’re quite new to this and give you some different perspectives you might not have considered.