Google's New Ranking Factor "Page Experience" Could Change the Game

Google's New Ranking Factor "Page Experience" Could Change the Game
A new addition to SEO tools in Google's Search Console could become "The New Ranking Factor" or you can say a few new ranking factors that will help you see the ranking signals accordingly for free.

With a new report having titled Core Web Vitals, Google is looking forward to giving more details to webmasters and help them optimize their pages for a better position in Google SERPs.

There are a number of general reports that incorporates this new signal:
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Safe-browsing
  • HTTPS-security
  • Intrusive interstitial guidelines
And this will help Google bots to apply the new factor "Page Experience Ranking" that most of the SEOs were avoiding when they try to optimize a web-page.

Google even showed an example of how they will detect a bad user experience and here's that demo:
Google showed how an accidental click could ruin user-experience and then Google will be there to help its users get to see only the best pages on the internet that are not glitchy.

These evaluations will get the only the best at UI on top of Google searches and we are hoping to see an impact on the eCommerce industry.

So, calling out a new ranking factor or the best ranking signal "Page Experience Signal" could really change the game for search engine optimization and it could be a new job for UI experts.

Looking at the combination of Core Web Vitals in Google's search console, we could easily understand why our pages are not getting the highest spot they deserved, and here's what Google says:
For some developers, understanding how their sites measure on the Core Web Vitals—and addressing noted issues—will require some work.

Understable Page Experience Inputs:

Google Page Experience Ranking Signal and Factors
On the other hand, Google is now allowing non-amp pages to get featured in Top Stories panel and this new ranking factor is currently applied to Top Stories.

This could be the next biggest algorithmic update by Google and it will be a pre-announced algo-update that will surely change rankings for millions of pages.
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