Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: Free Keywords Everywhere Alternative Is Here

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: Free Keywords Everywhere Alternative Is Here
In the search engine optimization industry, there was a big loss of jobs, hopes, and success stories when the famous Keywords Everywhere chrome extension turned to a paid tool, and then all the newbies were on the hunt to find the alternatives. There are some Keyword Surfer and WMS Everywhere, but they can't beat keywords everywhere.

Then Neil Patel who is a well-wisher of the digital marketing industry and has been providing free guides on various topics with and also have a free SEO tool called "Ubersuggest" under his main website at NeilPatel.com he recently announced the launch of a free ubersuggest chrome extension that is the true, complete and a free alternative to keywords everywhere for chrome.

What is Ubersuggest Chrome Extension?

Since its much like Keywords Everywhere and Neil Patel made it worth more than any other extensions in Chrome, he added some real value to the extension beside showing monthly searches (volume) and CPC (cost per click) for your searched terms, you can simply click on see all and know more about your keywords like SEO difficulty and Paid difficulty with historical search volume on mobile and desktop.
Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: Free Keywords Everywhere Alternative Is Here

Not just this, to my surprise this extension also shows searchers' age range and a graph about people clicking on SEO results for your particular search query. That's cool and these graphs can help us understand where people are clicking like they are clicking on organic results are paid results and we can get an idea of featured snippets clicking too.

How To Install Ubersuggest Chrome Extension Free?

Neil Patel made this ubersuggest chrome extension available for free to everyone and since its better than keywords everywhere's paid plans, you can give it a try by installing in your browser and here's how to do it for free:
  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Go to this page Click Here
  3. Just click on Add to Chrome and wait
  4. It will be installed in a few seconds
  5. Now navigate to Google.com and try searching something
  6. You will see different metrics like CPC and Volume for your searched keywords
That's how you can install and start using Ubersuggest free chrome extension for your SEO research and keyword research tasks.

Other Features of Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

At the sidebar, you can see more related keywords to your searching terms:
Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: Free Keywords Everywhere Alternative Is Here
You can also filter related keywords with Ubersuggest's filters like Suggestions, Questions, Prepositions and Comparisons. It will show you all these keywords with volume, CPC and SEO Difficulty (SD) data for free.

At the end of Google SERPs, you will see a list of related searches to your current searched term with monthly search volume and CPC and SD and also under every result from Google's top 10 results, you will URL metrics by Ubersuggest with social shares counter, total links to pages and domain score of the website.

There you will see a small arrow next to the Links info and when you click on that, you will be able to see exact websites and pages from where that particular result is have gained backlinks.

In short, Neil Patel just introduced the most complete SEO extension for Chrome browser that is free and could help content marketers, bloggers and SEOs to say goodbye to paid tools.