5 Reasons to Start a Blog in College

5 Reasons to Start a Blog in College

Millions of people like to read blog posts. Blogs focus on different spheres of human activity. They provide useful tips, argue on essential problems, or simply entertain. Thus, many students begin their blogs right in colleges. Some fellas don’t see the point in this activity. Perhaps they simply don’t realize the full potential of blog writing.

Joan Young, an essay writing expert from AdvancedWriters says: “Blogging is important and beneficial for college students in a variety of ways. It connects you to other people, helps to express your thoughts, reveals your creativity, helps others, and earns some money”. They can prove that blogging is beneficial for students. The sooner you begin the better perspectives you’ll have.

Thus, proficient experts offer 5 reasons to start a blog in college. Joan Young is one of the proponents of the view, who started her writing career years ago via her personal blog. She was writing articles in different fields that interested her most and thanks to this opportunity, she gathered a large audience that is still following her. 

You Express Your Opinion

Firstly, blogging helps to make yourself heard. Oftentimes, people almost go crazy because they cannot be heard. Every person has a personal opinion but we frequently remain silent.

Some speak up but only a few of their friends and relatives hear about that. In the meanwhile, your ideas may be very helpful for thousands of people. Accordingly, blogging can help to express your opinion. Thanks to the Internet, you can reach thousands and millions of other people who may have the same interest.

Thus, you’ll be relieved and may continue to cover any topic you think is important. You’re welcome to highlight any sphere. Nonetheless, you should be sure that you’re an expert in it and can be useful. 

You Earn Money

It goes beyond all doubts that blogging activity helps to earn money. The most successful and progressive bloggers have a huge income. It’s a perfect job for college students.

Blogging is dependent on the Internet connection and a device (PC or laptop). Accordingly, you don’t even have to leave your room to write blogs and earn money. Blogging students don’t waste time on reaching their part-time job (if they combine learning with work).

The chances to earn a lot are almost immeasurable. A lot depends on your skills, knowledge, and the ability to reach the targeted audience. It’s necessary to choose a direction you know pretty well and write useful posts. If your popularity increases, the salary increases as well.

It’s possible to work as a solo blogger or get hired by an online firm. Of course, you may require some other skills and knowledge about various spheres. Commonly, successful bloggers specialize in:
  • SEO;
  • Business;
  • Branding;
  • Marketing;
  • Tourism;
  • Entertainment.
You’ll require advanced writing, communication, and collaboration skills to become successful. Even when you write some small blog in your college, it’s a good beginning. All the materials you write will be included in your portfolio. They’ll be some kind of your resume. Accordingly, your career perspectives greatly increase.

You Create Opportunities

Writing blog posts, you never know what good fortune you may meet. If your blogs are of high quality, popular, and useful, you have all chances to get noticed by other people. They may like to hire you to write posts for their companies or newspapers.

Thus, you create opportunities. You should look again at the previous section because new career prospects help to earn more! Therefore, do your best, improve your blog writing skills, and promote your blog.

You Help Other People

Blogging is helpful for other people too. Some blogs are written just to express the opinion of an author without any great profit for readers. Nonetheless, most blog posts have the same goal – help somebody else.

Every time you highlight a political event, a technological innovation, or an educational reform, you provide people with important knowledge. Thus, they’ll beware of the possible opportunities or problems. Even if you provide smart tips on the stuff necessary for traveling, you may help many people to take very important things to ensure their comfort and safety.

Mind that you’re obliged to check and double-check all the information you intend to highlight. It predetermines your reputation. If your readers understand that you use irrelevant and unverified facts, you’ll lose them.

You Leave Your Comfort Zone

The fifth reason is essential for people who are naturally shy and lack self-confidence. Blogging may help them to step outside their comfort zone. It may be difficult for them to talk eye to eye. However, writing a blog is another dimension of communication.

Nobody sees you and you may not be afraid that somebody else tells you some angry or confusing words. You are also free to hide your real name. Many bloggers use pseudonyms or online nicknames. Therefore, writing blogs allows for revealing what lies on your heart without revealing who you are. Afterward, you’ll become self-confident to speak before the public.

Useful Prompts to Begin a Blog

If you want to start a blog, you should know certain prompts. They’ll help to make things go smoothly. These are:
  • Choose the main sphere;
  • Find a big blog platform;
  • Set up a blog on your domain;
  • Check the relevance of your topics;
  • Advertise your private blog;
  • Find partners;
  • Have an editor;
  • Improve your writing skills;
  • Be helpful.
These 5 reasons are pretty convincing in starting your student blogging, aren’t they? Moreover, some other reasons may make you start to write blogs.

For example, you can inspire other people, enlarge your knowledge, build a world network, and so on. If you have a writer’s talent, obligatorily consider the possibility to write.