Guide To Making The Best Intro For YouTube

Guide To Making The Best Intro For YouTube
YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms out there in today's time. Since it started its operation back in 2006, it has kept on breaking millions of records.

A study incorporated back in 2017 showed that an average YouTube user spends an hour on average watching content on YouTube from their smartphone.

More than a video sharing platform 

If you consider YouTube as just a video sharing social media platform, then think again.
  1. Five hundred hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute.
  2. It has 2 billion users
  3. Some of the famous faces of YouTube make somewhere over 10 million USD annually through their YouTube channels.
There should not be any more doubts regarding how lucrative career with YouTube can be. But there are few things that you must follow along with your talent and hard work to make it work.

Things to consider for a successful YouTube channel

  • Unique content
Of course, your content needs to be unique and useful to your viewers to gain the desired attention and views. It doesn't use any plagiarised content. It will be banned from your YouTube channel.
  • The promotion
You need to tactfully promote your content in various platforms to gain the desired exposure. Otherwise, you will not get a subscriber. 
  • Need proper branding
You need to create your content correctly to stand out in the crowd. You should have sufficient elements for your viewers to recollect and differentiate your work with the others. Proper Introduction, as well as a conclusion, is necessary for every video of your channel.

What you need to do for the best intro in YouTube

There are multiple posts available online, guiding how to create, build, and maintain a successful YouTube channel. So today, we will discuss the art of creating attractive intro and outro for your YouTube videos.

How to make a proper intro for your YouTube video

YouTube video Intro is the first impression of your work that will be visible to your potential viewers. This intro will help your viewers decide whether they will continue watching your work or skip some other video. 
It is the only opportunity you will get to express your artistic views, your way of molding and shaping your content. The intro is something that may make or break your career as a YouTuber. 
Hence it is one of the most critical aspects of creating successful content on YouTube. Let's discuss making a proper intro on YouTube.

Guide to making perfect YouTube Intro

  • Find the perfect length
Choosing the correct length for your YouTube Intro is crucial. Keeping it either too short or lengthy will steer away from your potential viewers. Experts suggest keeping the length somewhere between 5 - 10 seconds is the ideal choice of length. Your intro should be long enough to create the foundation on which you want to float your content, but it should not be too long to clutter your viewer's attention. 
Try to be creative, but don't go overboard. Simplicity has its elegance, so try to keep things clean, simple, and yet creative in a plausible sense.
  • Use good Templates
There are multiple outro makers available online that you can use to start. You can take inspiration from various templates already available online if it is your first attempt at making an Intro of the YouTube video. Choose one that best suits your requirement and convey the type of language you want to express to your audience. Initial steps can be overwhelming naturally, so take inspiration from the available templates and fine-tune it according to your requirement and taste.
  • Dynamic Effects
If you want to boost your creative side, you can create some cool animated effects on your intro. A lot of outro and intro makers are available online, like invideo that can help you create cool video Intros or outros for your YouTube content. 
Plan out first what exactly you want to portray through the Intro phase of your videos. You can start by showcasing your brand name and logo with some creative animated graphics and then move on to give a glimpse of your video. 
Moreover, a little bit of teaser featuring the exciting part of your content can create the required buzz to keep your viewers glued for the full video. Consider it as a trailer of new movies waiting for release. Remember how the editors carefully create various questions in our head about the movie and only features the most exciting shots of the film to attract us to the theatres.

Add background music

You all understand the impact of a well-chosen song or background music on a particular video or scene. So select a song or background track to add to your YouTube intro. Make sure you choose royalty-free music to avoid future complications. Many websites offer a plethora of songs and music for various moods, utterly free from royalty and copyrights. 
A well-chosen song or music can do wonders for your Intro video and can maximize the intensity you want to create among your viewers. Music has the power to connect to a fellow human being emotional as compared to other forms of communication. Choose something that represents you and your content correctly.

Clarify the topic or purpose of your content 

You definitely must have adequately researched before creating a video about a particular topic on YouTube. So, according to you, the content should have some purpose for your user like- It answers questions, provides solutions to problems, or asks for suggestions or answers from the viewers. 
Whatever be the topic of your video, try to give a gist about it on your intro. Mentioning the theme, purpose, and solution to your video's problem will keep the viewers interested until the last moment. The use of your content shall be clear from the very beginning.


The importance of a proper and well-executed introduction of your YouTube video must be evident by now. So put on your creative hats and along with creating killer contents plan about a solid intro too.