Rihanna: Please Don’t Stop the Music

Rihanna: Please Don’t Stop the Music
Born 20th February 1988 as Rihanna Robyn Fenty, this Barbadian can do it all. She’s a singer, an actress, a songwriter, and most recently, a successful businesswoman. The singer has been able to reinvent and recreate herself and her singing style over the course of her 17 year career. The 32 year old Barbadian was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and later on, raised in Bridgetown.

Despite her father’s addictions to alcoholism and crack cocaine, Rihanna filled her world early with music and listened to a lot of reggae. She was previously an army cadet then later decided to chase her musical career rather than graduating high school which she wanted to do.

In 2003, Evan Rogers, a record producer, discovered the singer and two of the girls in her girl group. However, the producer is known to have fallen in love with Rihanna's voice and forgotten the other two girls. After a long year of demo recordings, Rihanna struck a deal and was signed to Syndicated Rhythm Productions. In early 2005, Def Jam Records got their hands on Rihanna's demo tape and the then CEO, Jay Z asked the singer to audition for him.

It is said that once Jay Z heard her singing her hit “Pon de Replay”, he wouldn’t let her leave his office till 3 am hen his lawyers had drafted a contract and she signed it.

Rihanna’s Hit Singles and Albums

Once the signing with Def Jam was done, Rihannas first album was completed in three months. Her first single “Pon de replay” was a successful hit worldwide and was a hit in US clubs. In 2005, she released “Music of the sun”, which was also a huge success.

In later years, Rihanna emerged from a startup singer to develop a persona for herself that she’d come to call “good girl gone bad”. This persona would see her evolve her music style and land her huge success. Visit this site for more info about Rihanna’s songs.
  1. Pon de replay-2005
  2. Umbrella ft Jay-Z- 2007
  3. Love on the brain -2016
  4. Diamonds- 2012
  5. Only girl in the world- 2010

Rihanna’s Current Work and Projects

After the release of her successful album in 2016, Rihanna has been focusing a lot on her cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty. Even though it feels like we’ve all been waiting an eternity to hear her belt out a song in her unique voice, it seems like we won’t have to wait too much for something from her. Even though she has neither confirmed nor denied, Rihanna did imply that something would be out in 2020 at the launch of her Savage X Fenty line.

Whatever it is that she’s working on, we can be really sure that it’s not going to be a disappointment because everything that the Barbadian beauty has done for her “Navy” before, has always been worth the wait.