Simple SEO Steps to Help You Get Your First Visitors from Google

Simple SEO Steps to Help You Get Your First Visitors from Google
It is no secret that getting your first visitors from Google can be a quite daunting task, especially if you don’t know the best search engine optimizations [SEO] steps to help you achieve that. Failing to understand the best SEO practices can make your site less known, meaning no one will know of its existence, and there will be no clicks or sales.

SEO is not rocket science, so you don’t need to spend years just to learn the basics to optimize your site correctly. However, mastering some of the essential aspects of SEO requires efforts and time. You can hire an SEO company to help you achieve the best results.  This article gives you some of the simple steps to help you get your first guests on your website.

1. Find the right keyword

If you use the wrong words, the chances are that you will get little or no traffic, hence little or no sales. You will only find the right keyword if you know your target customers and what your website is all about. You should know which terms your customers will use when searching on Google. In SEO, this stage is known as Keyword research. If you do extensive keyword research, you will find a list of keywords you want your visitors to use to get you.

Remember that using broader or irrelevant keywords will not only make it impossible get visitors, but it will also waste your precious time. Use long-tail keywords since they are more likely to generate traffic, especially if they are specific.

2. Write high-quality content

At this point, you have already come up with a list of keywords. With the right set of keywords, you can write high-quality content. Place the keyword naturally into your article to make it more meaningful. Keyword stuffing is considered spam not only by readers but the search engines as well. Keyword stuffing can make your article unnatural and boring to the readers. So the last thing you want to do is to stuff in keywords in your content.

When writing your content, remember to keep the URLs short because Google loves shorter URLs.  Again, you should include your main keyword in the title of your content. This can make your site rank higher. The more content you have, the more likely search engines will put your website’s pages in the search index, making it easy to get clicks.

3. Promote your content

You shouldn’t just write your content and live it at that; you must promote it. Failing to promote your content will make it hard to be read or rank on Google. So the question you might be asking yourself is how you can make your content be read and rank high. Well, first of all, you need to get social shares and backlinks.

Of course, search engines don’t automatically rank pages higher when they get more tweets or Facebook shares, but the more the people who see your page the more likely you will get backlinks. And more backlinks will make you rank higher.