20+ Interview Mistakes to Avoid That Can Ruin Your Career

Getting good points in a job interview is essential when you are in need of getting hired and don't wanna lose another job just because you can't give a clean and clear interview. Our article and the infographic that we are going to share on some of the most common interview mistakes that can ruin your career will guide you.

Here's what you will learn from this infographic by Technium.ca:
  1. Appearing as Though You Are Disinterested
  2. Arriving Too Early
  3. Being a Walking Cliche
  4. Being Late
  5. Complaining
  6. Focusing More on What You Want
  7. Following Up Too Aggressively
  8. Fumbling for Answers
  9. Getting Too Comfortable in the Interview
  10. Lying on Your Resume or During the Interview
  11. Not Asking Questions
  12. Not Being Able to Articulate
  13. Not Being Prepared for Small Talk
  14. Not Following Up After the Interview
  15. Not Knowing Anything About the Company
  16. Not Making Eye Contact
  17. Not Researching the Interviewers
  18. Not Setting Yourself Apart
  19. Not Smiling and a Weak Handshake
  20. Playing with Your Hair
  21. Speaking in a Low Tone
  22. Talking Down
  23. Talking Too Much
  24. Using Your Smartphone
  25. Wearing the Wrong Type of Clothes

20+ Interview Mistakes (Infographic):

20+ Interview Mistakes (Infographic)
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