History In One Article: This Infographic Worth A Million

Looking at history, we figure millions of events that changed the world and totally changed the way we should live, eat, or meet. Everything has been changed, replaced and replicated from animals, lands to humans and transportation, what's the same? Almost nothing.

Then comes the history books, articles, and videos, we really can't understand all of the history (historical events and changes) in one go, and reading or researching history is not a fun thing at all.

Noticing this, we found an awesome infographic that drives us through the actual history and gives a glimpse of how everything happened to us and our planet earth and our friends (animals and other things). Let's understand how things got changed in history:

Mass Instinction Events:

Mass Instinction Events
From viruses to Animalia and then Humans, we also lost thousands and thousands of species and it is still happening at a lower rate.

Continental Drift Events:

Continental Drift Events
Following the continental drift theory by Abraham Ortelius in 1596 we can see how our great lands and continents left each other separately.

History in One Infographic:

History in One Infographic
Check, download or print out this great infographic that shares all the tempering history that reshaped our world over a thousand times, and in millions of years (back into the history), we were not like what we are today.

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