Video Conferencing Gaffes To Avoid When Working From Home

Video Conferencing Gaffes To Avoid When Working From Home
Stretch out on the sofa, put the kettle on, and relax - you’re working from home, baby! The temptation to treat your day as if it’s one big vacation is strong when you first start video conferencing from the office.

After all, you’ve got a lot more freedom without your boss and other colleagues to blow up your spot.

Of course, you’ve got to be productive and continue working hard, or else explain the reason you’ve missed the past three deadlines. Whoops! It’s a delicate balance, but it’s easier to strike when you understand the most common mistakes and the severity.

Here are four you should avoid making entirely.

Seeming Disinterested

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are two programs that everyone is familiar with post-COVID-19. However, you wouldn’t think it when you see some people sitting at their desk at home doing their nails in full sight of the team.

Don’t forget that you’re at work and need to highlight to your boss that you can be trusted with extra independence. Also, you must appear professional in business meetings so that your behavior reflects well on the company and encourages clients to convert.

If you’re bored and not needed, you can turn off the video and microphone so that nobody can see or hear you.

Not Preparing Your Device

A cool feature of video-calling software is that it lets you share files within a meeting. By doing this, everyone can view and comment on the same materials, rather than doing it individually and attempting (miserably) to keep up with the conversation.

However, to share your screen, you will need to go through your files, some of which might not be appropriate for your bosses and colleagues to view.

A straightforward solution is to prepare your files beforehand by creating a separate folder and filling it only with work stuff.

Partaking In Hobbies

Pastimes enable you to de-stress. While it’s better to do it after a long day, it’s not unheard of for workers to deal with anxiety on the job. Nobody would bat an eyelid at a stress ball, for instance. Still, some hobbies, although legal, are close to the bone. By all means, toke away on a THC vape pen if that’s your thing, and throw in some edibles too, but leave it until after work. If it’s a private thing, keep it that way as it doesn’t take much for coworkers to judge one another.

Keeping your hobbies separate should help you steer clear of office politics.

Misplacing Your Common Sense

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all-policy regarding video conferencing etiquette. What works for one company might not be suitable for another. With this in mind, it’s vital for you to use your common sense.

Ask yourself, “how could this be perceived?” before you open the app or send a message via the chat icon. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because of the informal nature of the technology and the fact you’re in your comfy clothes.

Without a level of common sense, you’re bound to make a scene in front of your peers!