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10 Business Ideas for Teens

by on Jul 21, 2020
10 Business Ideas for Teens
Teenagers are the future billionaires and the makers of the next world, if they can't make good money in their first years of working or when they are just starting their first business, they could change their mindset towards having a job and being settled on that. That's why we are here to tell our teenage readers about some of the interesting business ideas for teens to earn good money and have great experiences.

If you are not interested in part-time businesses or seasonal business ideas, you can simply do one of the below businesses for teens that requires minimum investment, no experience, no degrees, no education. Just read and start your business today:

1. TikToker

10 Business Ideas for Teens
Some people (even your parents) may not allow you to do it, but, it's the next big thing after Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can be the famous personality overnight with a lip-sync app "TikTok" that you can install on your smartphone for free and start making videos instantly.

All you need is just a smartphone and that's the whole equipment for being a tiktoker. Open its trends section and create videos with that sounds, that trending hashtags and topics. That's it. After having a good fan following (at-least 500K followers) you will start getting requests from brands.

2. Gift Shop

10 Business Ideas for Teens
The best shop business idea for a teen boy or girl is to open a gift shop. You can start it with a stall or renting out a shop near your house. You can do it with the help of your parents or two/three friends. It will never cost you much as all you need is 20/30 types of gifts, some paper for wrapping gifts, scissor, a tape (solution tape).

If you can't wrap gifts in a nice way, watch some YouTube videos and you will learn a few tricks in minutes. It will be a fun thing.

3. Sell Old Items

10 Business Ideas for Teens
When you are at home, don't wanna do some hard work, you can simply search and pack a few old items from your home. Ask your mother, father, siblings and they will give you their old items that you can then resale on different classifieds ads websites like eBay or Craigslist.

4. Virtual Assistant

10 Business Ideas for Teens
You can make huge money with this side business idea. This could be the best job that you can do even from home sitting on your sofa or lying on your bed. It's very easy, all you need is to give some time to your clients in fulfilling their required tasks. Social media management, copy-pasting, and replying to emails will be your best jobs.

5. Livestreamer

10 Business Ideas for Teens
Having a great social media presence is useless without getting paid from those followers, subscribers or members of your group. You can simply create a YouTube channel or a Facebook gaming page and start live streaming your gameplay on these platforms. You can monetize your videos and live-streams to make extra income aside game makers pay you to promote their games on your channels.

6. Freelancing

10 Business Ideas for Teens
This is not just a part time job, it is the business of today. However, it is not lucrative or sustaining, as you rely on clients coming to you and the platforms you work with, this could help you earn a living and do the work according to your own timelines. Fiverr and Freelancer platforms can help you do it easily.

7. Photographer

10 Business Ideas for Teens
Being a photographer helps you visit new places, meet new people and enjoy life while you earn a handsome income per project, it could be your dream job and your career opportunity as well. You can buy a DSLR camera or use your smartphone to capture some exciting photos, upload them to your social media profiles and tell your friends and followers that you are accepting photography orders, see how many will come to you asking your price per project.

8. Banner Designer

10 Business Ideas for Teens
On the internet, you can see banner ads everywhere and mostly on YouTube, News Sites and even in Games (that plays online). Someone is behind those banner ads and someone designs them? Yeah, it's true, this is a whole new business idea for teens. With a little knowledge of Google Web Designer, Canva, or PhotoShop software, you can start this business and build a portfolio. You can earn $5 to $500 per banner ad design.

9. Essay Writer

10 Business Ideas for Teens
This is not a well-suited job for teens, but a great business for those who are good in studies and can write great essays. Even if you aren't good at essay writing, you can simply make a group of your fellows who can do it easily and offer them a fixed per essay price, now go to freelancing platforms and create your gigs about essay writing, you can charge up to $30/page.

10. Clothing Brand

10 Business Ideas for Teens
It looks huge, but, a teenager can do it easily. Yes, you heard it right. There are services that deliver your custom t-shirts and other clothing items at your doorsteps and you can simply sell them online using Facebook or eBay and Amazon. You can design your own wearables, as custom t-shirts with memes or trending slogans sell like fire. Do it, it will be a great business in your hands.

If you are still missing your suitable business idea, you can comment below and let us help you find a suitable business idea for you.

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