How to Begin an Essay To Grab Reader's Attention

How to Begin an Essay To Grab Reader's Attention
The first words in the text are like the first notes of the melody. They set the tone, as well as determine the theme of the whole essay.

Specialists the custom essay writing agency, providing online custom writings help, research paper assistance, and related services online, know it from experience. For more than ten years, they have composed thousands of introductions for academic papers, blog articles, commercial letters, etc. In this post, professional writers share ideas on effective essay hooks that will definitely grab your readers’ attention.

Apparently, it all depends on the type of paper and its purpose. These factors determine the style and the borders of the allowed creativity. Meanwhile, a formula for a successful beginning consists of the three main points.

✓ Generate interest

You can start with something unusual, dramatic, hilarious, etc. Pay attention to the readership and choose the most suitable technique that will hold their attention.

✓ Establish trust

If it deals with an argumentative essay, mention that your text is built on reliable facts or logical analysis.

✓ Prove the value of your essay

Persuade the reader that your text is worth the time spent on. Why should he/she read it? Try building a solid thesis. The experts of suggest stress on rationable, but avoid embellishment.

Ideas to begin an essay

#1 An impressive fact

You can start with shocking statistics, for instance. Google the latest figures concerning your theme. Only two of ten startups are successful. A real case from your life is also a good idea.

#2 A smart joke

A skilled writer knows that humor demonstrates intelligence and a positive attitude to life. Students can use this approach while writing their assignments too.

#3 A provocative question

A good question makes readers think about its answer and look for a reply in the below text. What is worse — failing or missing an opportunity?

#4 Dispel a myth

Combine the element of surprise and the promise to give useful information. In some cases, it is better to rent a house for the whole life than to buy it.

#5 Beautiful description of the place where your story begins

This way is suitable for a descriptive essay. You can start with a captivating image of the landscape or the appearance of the main character. This technique helps to create a picture for the further story in the reader's imagination.

All in all, the main goal of the essay introduction is to raise emotions and make people read ahead. You can use astonishment, trust, joy, fear, curiosity, anxiety, etc. And do not forget about English grammar, as mistakes are quite visible at the beginning of the text.

Tips for writing an effective essay beginning

Experts from the custom writing company use some rules for introductions while fulfilling the orders.

✓ Avoid using banal phrases

Teachers and professors read hundreds of college papers every year. They are tired of platitudes. So, if you want to catch their attention, do not start your essay with something like: “It is crucial to love what you do,” “Love conquers all,” “Everything happens for a reason,” etc. Generalizing can irritate a lot too. Do not write phrases like “Every student dreams of a good job,” or “All girls like flowers.” Instead, try to come up with a unique phrase.

✓ The first sentences should not be too long

Do not write more than twenty-five words in the first phrase. Long sentences are difficult to read. Look for concise, informative, and creative expressions.

✓ Use clear sentences

Do not overload your reader with complicated sentence constructions at the beginning of the essay. Such phrases prevent from the understanding of your thoughts and make a wrong first impression, in general.

The introduction of the essay can be compared with the first glance at the person. It is what makes the first impression and stays in memory for a long time. Expert writers from are aware of various techniques on how to begin the essay or any other paper.

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