Perpetual Calendar: The Top Model In IWC Ingenieur Collection

Perpetual Calendar: The Top Model In IWC Ingenieur Collection
IWC is a brand known for making an extreme level of technical complications acquiring timepieces for years and has a principle position in the list of swiss luxury watchmakers list. Its Ingenieur collection contains extremely unique timepieces and each is introduced in an overall functional design.

The IWC Ingenieur is available in a variety of designs and materials maintaining a quality touch in each of his models. Some of the top models of Ingenieur uses complicated features like a tourbillon and flyback chronographs. 


This timepiece is manufactured with IWC in-house machinery and equipped with enormous features with the high-end caliber and overall mechanism. The overall timepiece is fixed in a gold case, the gold case is made of 18kt of pure gold and features the rich look in except to its robustness. 

Made in Schaffhausen, this timepiece has to perform optimally what it is created for and yes it is performing. It is also considered to be the pinnacle of the Ingenieur family and also tagged as the flagship of this range. The Ingenieur 1st was manufactured in a round case, maintaining this traditional touch with even improved bezel ring polished. This version of Ingenieur is best in its own company. 

One of the unique features of this timepiece is the perpetual calendar feature which is extremely rare in wristwatches. This perpetual calendar features digital date and also months in digits. The Date circle is embedded at 9 o\clock while the month is at 3 o’clock as seen in the picture .which makes this timepiece extremely exclusive and valuable. Embedding these type of complications require master watchmaking skills and require the engineers who are specialized in making these types of awesome wristwatches.


This is an extremely optimized version of caliber for an enhanced level of accuracy and keeps the timepiece shinning over the wrist of its owner. This timepiece is basically designed for those who have a passion for speed and racing and for those who understand the worth of this timepiece. 

The caliber from 89000 family is genuinely made in-house and was first seen in 2007, it features a combined hrs and mins to provide the functionality of stopwatch to approximately 9 hours. The stop mechanism of this movement is extremely instant and accurate as well which makes this timepiece the unique timepiece of all the time.

The power reserve time of this caliber is up to 68 hours. The chronograph functions are embedded over this timepiece and have a flyback function which made it the top piece in this collection.


Silver-plated dial when fixed in a gold case reflects the rich look which makes it more royalistic. The dial hours markers and indexes are covered with enhanced luminescent material to increase the legibility level of the timepiece which optimized the overall readability feature.


The strap is based on an alligator pattern and is made of pure leather. The black alligator pattern strap is available in 22,m of width

As it is the limited version of Ingenieur, so only 100 pieces of this timepiece were launched until today, which increase the demand scale of this timepiece and make it extremely rare timepiece, This timepiece is designed for professional use and has a unique design that is suited with all types of dress codes. This timepiece is not only a functional timepiece but also has an attractive and impressive look.