8 Amazing Tools You'll Need When Blogging

8 Amazing Tools You'll Need When Blogging

Blogging is an art that requires the use of the right tools to shine. Even if you are a newbie or experienced blogger, using it will help you do your task effectively. There are so many blogging tools available in the market, so choosing the best isn't easy.

To boost your blog content, try coliving, have compiled a list of top 8 blogging tools that can help you from generating blog ideas to well content display for your audience.

The amazing tools include:

1. Grammarly

No one is perfect; even top-rated writers do make mistakes. If you need excellent work, you may need a top-rated editor. However, the Grammarly tool's use can help you check your work and highlight all the mistakes therein. There are two versions: the free version that removes the basic errors and premium mode (paid version) with more grammar check features.

2. Quora

Quora tools help one to find out the frequent questions that people ask. It will help you research topics in demand and require an in-depth explanation through your blog post. You will search for the issues related to your niche; you will find a list of questions you can answer.

3. BuzzSumo

If you need to get wealth information on the content that is doing well in social media sharing, BuzzSumo can help you in this case; you need to enter the topic or URL on the search box. The tool is vital in showing you the existing idea and know the content that does well in your niche.

4. Portent Title Maker

If you enter any subject on the tool, you will get a sample blog post title, and it will show you why the title will be an excellent and breakthrough option in your niche. Refreshing the process often will help you have a wide range of new ideas on the topic of your niche.

5. Hemingway App

Hemingway app is another tool that can help you to come up with the perfect writing style. It will inform you when the sentences are too long or hard to be read. Once you have copy-pasted your work on the app, it will automatically highlight the areas that need further editing.

6. Canva

Writing without images isn't right in blogs; images that go in line with the contents you have written are required. Canva has high-quality pictures in all topics, allowing one to edit and adjust photos that meet their preferences. For a free alternative, you can use Pixabay, StockSnap, Pixels, etc.

7. Google Calendar

Calendar tools like Google Calendar can be used as editorial calendars. If you are planning to publish a given number of articles per day, you can save your ideas and events using the calendar. It will show the plans you need to accomplish every day.

8. Keyword Planner

Having a plan on how to frame your ideas in the blog to reach your audience is essential. The keyword planner allows you to post a series of keywords, and google returns the results on search volume and popularity.

In conclusion, blogging isn’t as simple as most people view it. You must be knowledgeable and a strategist to succeed.

With the above tools, you are miles ahead as quality comes first in blogging. Take time to plan properly and know your best niche.