10 Business Ideas for College Students

10 Business Ideas for College Students
College time is probably the best time to start a business or test out your business ideas as a true entrepreneur. This gives you the ease of testing, experiencing, and researching more about your ideas and products that you design. It will give you a straight forward answer whether your business idea is great or a big failure.

As we have seen very big examples of college startups like Facebook and Google (two tech giants founded in Universities) we can't simply say no to these 10 business ideas for college students that are new and innovative.

1. Online Study Portal

If you are pretty awesome with thinking beyond the limits and being futuristic when thinking about creating new products, then you can better understand it. As a student, your first business should be to build an online study portal that not replicates what common LMS ((learning management systems) are offering.

This could be your chance to grab the opportunity as most of the colleges are converting their courses and study material into digital books and videos. They need a system to handle everything from creating content to teaching students. You can create a simple online study portal and let your friends use it to share study related material. Work on it by asking them what features they need and let your teachers suggest you add more features according to their needs. This could be the next silicon valley hit.

2. Social Media Star

Whenever we talk about a teenager or a fresh college student and his/her future thoughts, most of them talk about social media or online fields. Well, the most exciting business idea for college students could be to become a social media star, and it's not that hard. If you are talented, gifted, or know how to entertain people, you can become a social media star.

Apps like TikTok and Instagram could help you gain exposure as going viral on these platforms is easier than YouTube and Facebook. All you need is to create awesome videos or capture professional photos and use accurate and trending hashtags, that's the luck game now.

3. Research Paper and Essays

There are companies behind essay writing services and research paper writing services which are offering high-priced writers and they rarely give unique content. They are still making a fortune as millions of students use them to get the study work done under a few minutes without them touching the pen or paper.

You can start your own research paper and essay writing services as a college student business idea and let your friends, fellows, and even the teachers order your services. Just make sure you can write such content easily and then (if needed) you can build a team of writers who can help you grow your company to be the icon in this industry as still there's a much gap that can be filled with your unique ideas.

NOTE: You should buy a Task Light too to make sure your health is not being disturbed with such activities that take much time in the night.

4. Fashion Designer

Start from A is good than ending at the first side from Z, as it makes sense when we start small and aim for large. Why we are saying this? well, if you think about becoming a fashion designer when you are a student, you are on the right track but still, you have to start small for making it secure to go large. You can simply open an account on any freelancing website or join some Facebook groups for designers and open the Photoshop app, create some sketches of T-shirt designs, upload, and check what others say about your designs.

If some reviews are positive, you should keep going and try more online tools with downloading some graphics and customizing them to create your own custom-designed t-shirts. There are websites that pay you to upload t-shirt designs and they are helping you with it. So, go and find your inner talent, it could be your best college time job.

5. eBook Writer

Writing ebooks is a wonderful way to do a side hustle or in other words to build a side business that could be your life-changing time. It is proved that one book could change your life and make you a millionaire and Robert Kiyosaki is the living example of this statement.

If you think it could be something that you can do, just grab the train and buy a laptop or just purchase a separate pen and notebook to write the first book that will be your first ebook also and after you complete, you can proofread and sell on Amazon for the easiest way to earn money and sell your ebook to millions of people around the globe.

6. Textbook Selling

Another great business idea, every student needs to purchase new textbooks and this is an opportunity even the uneducated people leverage by opening a book store. If you are a student and you can buy some textbooks (after yours) you can start this business. If you are living in a hostel, it could be the best way to earn money for your bills and feeses.

You can also sell any kind of textbooks online and make a living out of purchasing and selling items that you don't own and you don't even invest in them. Just think creatively, give time to this business idea so that you can understand how to gain more profits.

7. Event Management

This can't run out, even if you can't manage your bookshelf, you can manage an event. All you need is the time and consistency in your work and then the ability to communicate with your helpers. In college life, there will be enough events and you can also start your event planning service that will bring more clients to you. Just make sure you can communicate with your fellow students and ask them to organize events that make sense. This will be your first priority to give life to your own business idea.

8. Professional Photographer

If you own a DSLR camera or a high-end smartphone camera, you can simply start your own professional photography services in the college and let the professors, admin and all the students of your college know about it. This will bring extra money in your pockets and you will always be respected. Students even pay for editing their photos and then you can set up a studio to go beyond the college level and work as a professional photographer then sell stock images and videos to make a living.

9. Plumbing Services

This looks odd, but it is a real business for a college student. Just make sure you are not concerned about your status and you don't care what some stupid people say about such service-workers. It is a big business and there are billion dollar companies behind it. Ask your friends that you can fix their plumbing-related issues and make sure there's no leakage or fixing untouched. As soon as you leave college, you can open a plumbing service business and provide services in your localities using Whatsapp business account and your own business website and phone numbers. This could be huge.

10. Become A Motivational Speaker

The most exciting business nowadays is becoming a motivational speaker, but. It is a huge responsibility and takes much strength, mindset, and inner motivation. Another point to note is, you can't be a good speaker without having an interest in such work, if you can't help others for free, you can't be a good motivational speaker.

Most of the high-profile motivational speakers charge $5 to $1000 per session where they talk about how someone can boost up and build the next big thing or be strong and cope with the problems they have in life. This is a great business idea for college students.

So, if you are still not convinced of choosing your business idea, you can comment below and read our other business ideas related articles.