10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

If you know what you are going to achieve or do, building a startup could be a lot easier as this makes sense to create the best product that is needed by the current trends.

In this article, we will be heading towards the best 10 tech business ideas that can help you build a startup and grow to make the next billion-dollar company.

Being tech-savvy will be a plus point in starting such businesses and if you can code, write, or design, you can be the leader of your domain. Here we will tell you about the businesses that can be started without a large investment and without the need of hiring other people or outsourcing. Some of the ideas will be new to you and some will be eye-catchy as they fulfill your dreams. So, let's read:

1. Social Media Marketing Company

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

This tech related business idea looks a lot easier, but it is not like that. If you know how the major social media networking apps utilize the advertising tools and what type of platforms they have built for their advertisers, you can start this profit-able business without any extra investment.

All you need is a social media profile that is enabled for using advertising platforms of Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest. As people outsource their social media marketing efforts to experts and freelancers, you can charge up to 10% of what they are going to invest for social media advertising and you will be responsible for their spending and surely their return on investment.

2. Custom Robots Company

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

Things are changing now and so the businesses. We are living in a different era which is nothing like the millions of years back to history. This is also the fastest era and next-generation people are looking forward to robots. They want robots to take their load and work hard for humans.

If you can build custom robots, that can serve in a restaurant, deliver food or entertain people, you can build a great business that is going to be huge in the coming years and you can grab huge investments from tech giants. They invest huge in such companies with a futuristic approach and this a totally tech-based business idea.

3. Sell Your Typing Speed

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

This might be a new thing when you already know about content writing and freelancing, as selling your typing speed could be a dream. What if someone sends you a document and ask you to type it or someone tells you a little story and ask you to write an ebook on that story? That's how you can sell your typing speed.

Just create an account on Fiverr or UpWork and find your relative projects, showcase your writing and typing skills, tell the clients that you can write as a ghostwriter but with passion and competency or quality. This could be a unique tech business idea when followed in the right way.

4. Online University

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

Not just short courses, fake gurus, and all the other scrap for studying online, now we have to provide quality and people want to get graduated online, complete their master's degree online and get a diploma online for online industries and as well as offline industrial jobs.

If you know how to teach, how to register an online university, and how to hire teachers with managing everything in an LMS (learning management system), you are on the edge to build your own online university and step into the largest online business world with a highly needed solution.

5. Tech News Network

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

Don't wanna pick one thing from the tech world? don't want to rely on one platform or product? and also if you can't build your own product, you can simply start a tech news network and start it by creating a free YouTube channel.

Start covering news about the latest smartphone releases and happenings in the tech world about AI, Robots, Computer Chips, Software, and Operating Systems. There is also a big audience for mobile phone errors and software installation. Do jump into this great tech business and start uploading the same videos on your Facebook page too, a teaser on Twitter and TikTok, this will help you build a huge audience easily.

6. Software Development Company

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

The best idea is to hire developers for startup to start a software development company, or if you pick to create a niche-based or industry-based software house, you could manage it single-handedly. The best idea is to start developing custom solutions for schools and private organizations, tell them you can code their ideas and make their operations a lot more accessible.

If you hate coding, you can purchase custom-made projects from CodeCanyon or other code selling websites and even outsource your projects to freelancers. A lot of people are doing this but this adds to the costs. So, if you can't code yourself, you should avoid starting a software development business.

7. Analytics Company

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

People want to use the big-data, they want to access what giants are grabbing from their users and they want to know the exact figures of everything on the planet earth. If you can dig into big data or if you can scrape the internet and do remarkable research, you can start a tech business that is about analysis and analytics.

This could be a risky business also and it could get you in trouble with the local law and law enforcement authorities. So be secure and share sufficient information about all of your projects with the local authorities.

8. Laptop Troubleshooting

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

There are a lot of people who don't know the ABC of fixing the most common errors in computers and when it comes to laptops, people hate it when they stop working, they want an instant solution and for this, they also seek an online laptop support person. So, if you can help them fix their laptops by troubleshooting online, you could make hundreds of dollars per task. Just make sure you are familiar with how to fix laptops without touching the hardware.

9. Selling Software

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

Who pays for selling software? almost every company do it. Yes, just check out Cisco and Adobe they are paying you for selling their software to small businesses and if you can bring a lot of clients to them, they could give you more bonuses and custom offers. Just go to their websites and find their contact details, call them and say that you are willing to be their official partner for selling their high-class software.

People are doing this and they do it for getting a fixed commission from the product owners, this is also another side of affiliate marketing where you promote a product online and when people purchase that product from your links, you get paid with a small commission that is not fixed (maybe/always).

10. Register Companies for People

10 Best Tech Business Ideas for Building A Startup

A totally new thing and the best business idea that is also tech-related. As people often don't start a business just to not get into the trouble of registering it, you can help them to get their businesses registered online and let them do it from their comfort zone. This is a lucrative business idea and people are using it to register their companies in foreign countries.

With such services, launching in another country could be a lot easier for small brands. You can get more than $100 per company registration and even more, than $1000, it depends on your abilities and skills like which countries are in your hands where you can get a company registered and claim the trademark with full rights to operate.

These 10 best tech business ideas for building a startup could help a business-mind to make the next giant and let the world know who is behind a new silicon valley. Let's start your business and make your success roar.