Buy Play Store Installs in Regions Unpopular for Your Competitors

Buy Play Store Installs in Regions Unpopular for Your Competitors

Play store app marketing is strongly bound with ASO and text optimization for different regions. Some apps can be top 1 in Germany but without proper app optimization, will remain beyond 20th in the same German-speaking Austria.

While proper app optimization should be done before any promotion by keywords, we explain how to gain more traffic from less competitive but still lucrative countries. 

Sometimes wide promotion is better than promotion by one region

90 percent of our clients target the USA as the core region they expect revenue from.

However, there are other countries in the Tier One segment you can choose from. Focusing on the United Kingdom or Australia can give you pretty the same leverage and convention rate from marketing with downloads.

But the competition for these positions is commonly some 40-45 percent less. 

How to buy play store installs for a new region?

App promotion in a new region should start with text optimization. ASO description and prepare core keywords that will give high conversions into installs from the app page.

To test out the traffic flow and competition by them, make a big 30-40 keywords campaign for 2-3 days long with 10 installs per day. It is a quick screening and it will give an idea of what positions you will get easier. 

Get ready to localize the content and make your client’s in-app experience easy and multilingual. If you invest your time and money into it, you will get more traffic with less competition and overcome your rivals in daily revenue. 

Want to prepare your application for a new region?

Or consider what region will be next on your marketing list? Get in touch with some ASO experts and plan your promotion.

When it is done, you can buy Play Store installs and become visible in search.